Silver Bell Mine Helps make Marana an All-America City

A wide variety of industries thrive in the Marana region, but few are more closely intertwined with Arizona’s history than the local copper mines.  As one of Arizona’s 5 C’s, copper mining has played an important role in the state and local economy. The Silver Bell Mine, operated by Asarco, has maintained an extensive operation in this area for over 60 years, and in that time, their impact on the community has been tremendous.  In 2015 alone, they employed a workforce of almost 200, pumping over $16 million back into the local economy through their salaries. 

In 1951, Silver Bell Mine opened its first two pits west of Marana.  The El Tiro and Oxide mines have yielded tremendous outputs ever since, while at the same Asarco has doubled their operations to open two more copper extraction sites nearby. 

Pima County is home to a number of mining operations, and together, they all contribute significantly to the local economy.  More than 2,500 Pima County residents work in the mining industry, and an economic impact study from Arizona State University indicates that more than 10,000 jobs are supported indirectly by this sector. 

Marana is deeply grateful to Asarco for their meaningful contributions to our community.  Recently, Asarco has signed on as an All-American Hero sponsor of the Town’s efforts to become an All-America City.  This prestigious title will help boost tourism and attract even more businesses to Marana.   Due to the support of sponsors like Asarco, Marana will send a delegation to Denver in just a few short weeks to compete in the final round of this competition.  Please consider joining Asarco in supporting this effort.