Northwest Firefighters Association Fans the Flames of Marana’s All-America City Efforts

The firefighters of the Marana region are experts in putting out blazes, but in at least one way, they are helping to light a fire.  The Town of Marana is competing to become an All-America City, and the Northwest Fire Fighters Association, I.A.F.F. Local 3572, proudly supports this effort.  By signing on as an All-American Hero sponsor, the Northwest Fire Fighters Association will help send the Marana delegation to Denver to compete for this honor.

The Northwest Fire Fighters Association has long played a crucial role in ensuring public safety in and around Marana.  Dedicated to honoring the traditions of the International Association of Fire Fighters, they provide leadership, representation, and protection to members through unity, support, and education.  Through their affiliation with the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona, they ensure the safety, welfare, and quality of life of members and the community they serve. 

Beyond providing direct member support, the Northwest Fire Fighters Association is also committed to supporting a number of local causes.  They actively contribute to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the National Fallen Fire Fighters Association, the Flowing Wells Family Resource Center, the Marana Community Food Bank, and now, the campaign to make Marana an All-America City. This kind of support speaks to the investment this organization is making in Marana, not just for today, but for many years to come.

The Northwest Fire Fighters Association is not alone in making this commitment.  A number of local businesses and organizations in this region have joined this effort, and you can, too.  Please consider donating to help send our delegation to Denver next week.  By making Marana an All-America City, Marana can attract new businesses, increase tourism, and strengthen the community’s presence as a welcoming, inclusive Town where anyone can put down roots for life.