Real Property Applications, Instructions and Requirements

License Agreements 

Right of Way License Agreement Applications require a completed RW Use Permit Application, an assigned Permit Number and Development Services administrative or miscellaneous addressing before submission of a Real Property Application.  Certificate of Insurance and Additional Insured Endorsements are both required for all licenses.  Licenses are processed through the Development Engineering Project Coordinator, require the payment of all fees, and do not require intake meetings.

Real Property Rights

Real Property Agreements require submittal of a completed and signed Application and Development Services administrative or miscellaneous addressing before submission at a scheduled intake meeting.  Completed applications, land title commitment, supporting documents and fees are required at the intake meeting.  Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.

Notice: Use of Legal and Mailing Addresses for property rights are not permitted.  A Development Services Addressing Application must be processed for all property rights, if the parcel does not have an existing administrative or miscellaneous address.  

Development Services Plan Review

Real Property reviews plans for right-of-way dedication or abandonment and utility rights in conjunction with private development, Capital Improvement Program and Marana Water Department. We process property rights for final plan approval and close-out with the assistance Engineering and Marana Water Department.

Development Services Title Submission & Review Requirements

AZ Notary Acknowledgement - Short Form

CIP Project Review Requirements

Real Property reviews Capital Improvement Project Program plans, land title reports and legal descriptions for real property rights associated with major public projects in relation to private property and State Trust Land. Reviews include comprehensive examination of title reports commitments and supporting documents, legal descriptions, surveys and appraisals for all subprojects associated with capital programs to determine the need for acquisitions, easements, dedication, abandonment and other property rights

CIP Project Title Submission & Review Requirements

Legal Description Requirements

Certificate of Insurance Minimum Requirements