Marana Water News: Community Engagement - Marana Water Utilities Board


The Marana Town Code section 16-1-1 establishes the Town of Marana Utilities Board. The goals of this board are to oversee the Town’s utility operations and discuss the use of an allocation of one megawatt of hydropower from the Parker-Davis Dam. This hydropower allocation is used to operate Town facilities, where applicable. Marana Water is a large user of this allocation, using it to power our pumps and well sites as well as the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

The board comes together twice a year for an overview of Marana Water operations. On December 22, the board will convene for the second time in 2016. This time there will be two new board members from the community. The make-up for the board is as follows; three council-appointed members, two town employees appointed by the Town Manager, the Town finance director, and the Town water director. The new members were appointed at the Town Council meeting on December 6, and will bring new perspective to the group.

Marana Water staff prepare a list of agenda items highlighting work done over the past six months. These presentations typically include an update on all aspects of the department. The number of customers, how much the department has grown, updates on the budget, status of construction projects and energy management, and current and future department initiatives are all presented for feedback to the board. The board then asks follow up questions and can potentially give direction. Items such as rate increases, fee changes, or adjustments to construction projects are presented to the board to act as another community review.

The Marana Utilities Board meeting is December 22, at 3pm at the Marana Operations Center. We are looking forward to sharing our accomplishments over the past six months and our upcoming projects. The meeting is open to the public, and minutes will be posted with 72 hours after the meeting. For any questions about the board, you can contact the department at

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