Marana Water News: H2Ooooooooh!

We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. Pumpkins are one of our favorite things here at Marana Water because they are 90% water! Below are a few post-Halloween tips for leftover pumpkins and still standing jack-o-lanterns.

  1. Turn that jack-o-lantern into a decorative fall centerpiece or planter
  2. If you have uncarved pumpkins, save them for Thanksgiving decorations. They can last up to 8 weeks
  3. If possible, add your carved pumpkin to a compost pile rather than in the trash. Pumpkins make great fertilizer once composted
  4. Turn it into a festive fall bird feeder by hanging smaller pumpkins in trees and filling with bird seed
  5. Take those mini pumpkins you might have picked up and turn them into stylish candleholders by scooping or drilling out a hole in the middle
  6. Call over to the local zoo to donate your uncarved pumpkin to the animals. The staff will let you know if they are in need of pumpkins and how best to donate them, but be sure to call first
  7. Use any uncarved pumpkins to make soup, bread, lattes, hummus, smoothies, and more
  8. Pumpkin can even be used to make a face mask. Vitamins A, C, and E are present in pumpkin, which can give your complexion a boost
  9. If you save the seeds, you can roast them or keep them to plant and grow your own pumpkins
  10. Be sure to do something with that pumpkin before it starts to decompose. It can leave stains, attract critters, or cause mold problems

Since it has been unusually warm this October, we want to remind you to be sure to stay hydrated when out and about. There are a lot of activities planned during these fall months so keep that refillable water bottle handy.

Now that the trick-or-treating is done, the ghosts and ghoul decorations have been put away, and the candy rationed for the next few weeks, we want to remind you to be water smart. Turn water off when brushing your teeth, watch the timer on irrigation systems as the weather (hopefully) cools down, and keep an eye on those pipes when it starts to get close to freezing at night.

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