Marana Water News: Drinking Water Week is Here!

Beginning next week, the American Water Works Association along with hundreds of water utilities and water companies around the country will be celebrating National Drinking Water Week. These celebrations have been going for over 35 years. Officially designated in 1988, the first full week of May marks when we, as an industry, bring special attention to the vital role water plays in our daily lives.

This year’s theme is “Your Water – To Know it is to Love it” with the goal of promoting to our customers how important water is and how they can help appreciate this vital resource. The hope is to draw attention to the personal connection we all have with water. One way is to learn how to fix leaky pipes in and around your home. By quickly finding and repairing leaks, it helps to conserve water and to keep water bills lower. A few tips for leak inspections can be found the graphic to the right.

While finding and repairing leaks is an important part of maintaining your home, there are also many ways to care for your home’s pipes in a preventive way. Wrapping pipes during the freezing winter months, checking for proper water pressure, ensuring only flushable items go down the drains, and much more all contribute to a healthy maintenance program. Click here for more information on caring for your pipes. We have many resources for our customers to help with water conservation. Check out our Water Conservation page here to find out who we are partnering with to promote conservation.  

There are even activities directed for kids and teachers to help learn and understand the water cycle and its importance to our daily lives. This has videos, interactive games, and educational materials you can use at home or school to promote healthy water knowledge. Click on the two links below for a maze and coloring sheet.


We hope you find a way to celebrate 2017 Drinking Water Week next week. Let us know how you celebrate by clicking the link below.

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