Marana Water News: Under Construction

One of the most important jobs here at Marana Water is the operations and maintenance of our water system. The miles of sewer and water mains that run throughout the city are some of our best work. Our engineering staff and the water and sewer operations teams are continuously working to ensure water reliability for our customers. To do this there are several construction projects underway ensuring that reliability and consistent level of service. Today we are going to highlight a few of them.

Water projects

In the Continental Reserve system we are working to complete an upgrade to the booster station and the electrical system. A booster station is designed to increase pressure into the system in areas that might have low pressure or have a higher elevation.  This project is partly due to a new development coming to that neighborhood, and it will also allow the neighborhood to have continuity of service.

On the other side of the freeway, there is an interconnection project underway between the San Lucas neighborhood and North Marana. This project is substantially intricate. They contractor has to tunnel under the Union Pacific Railroad and I-10. Once this project is completed, the two systems will be connected, ensuring water reliability.

Sewer projects

One of the biggest projects this year is the construction of the new sewer line that will eventually connect the Saguaro Bloom neighborhood to the North Marana sewer system. Phase I has been completed and there are even new customers connecting to the western portion of the line. Phase II is the southeastern portion of the line and there are crossings with the Cortaro Marana Irrigation District, Santa Cruz River, and other utilities in the area. These crossings have begun and they are moving their way toward the existing Pima County sewer system in Saguaro Bloom. Once this is connected, Saguaro Bloom customers will switch from Pima County sewer to the Marana sewer system.

Another larger multi-year sewer construction project is underway at the Marana Water Reclamation Facility. There is an expansion to the plant as part of the Water Reclamation master plan, and includes several water recharge basins to help with future water resources. There are irrigation canals that need to be crossed in this construction project, and to avoid any potential disruptions to the farming community, this construction was done during the winter months and is almost complete. This project will have time-lapse photos and video that we are working to get established now that construction is underway. Keep checking the water reclamation page to keep up on this exciting project.

These are just a few of the projects on which our department is working. Most of the public water projects are funded through rates and fees while others are completely funded outside the department. All the home building in Gladden Farms and the Twin Peaks area is all done by private development. On these types of projects, Marana Water reviews plans and inspects the construction to ensure all standards are met.

New construction is an exciting part of our jobs here at Marana Water. The possibilities associated with new water systems and expanded facilities create new challenges and opportunities. We address these head on, and work hard to provide the service level to which our customers have grown accustom. Marana is one of the fastest growing cities in the state, and we are glad to be a part of that growth.

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