Marana Water News: Budget Prep Well Underway

The Town of Marana is in full blown budget mode. The next few weeks each department meets with Town management to discuss the budget requests and options for the fiscal year beginning in July 2017. There is a lot of effort put into generating this budget from our department as well as the Finance team and the Town Manager’s Office.

Each year all departments are asked to project their revenues and expenditures for the upcoming year. Typically, we are asked to create these projections at the same time, but this year we are trying something new and separating our revenue and expenditure entry. We entered our revenues about a month before our expenditures, which gave the Finance department a chance to review overall revenue projections for the Town to make larger decisions about employee investment, potential new positions and equipment, and much more.

On the expenditure side, our team has been working hard to identify needs for our growing utility. Maintenance of our systems is of the utmost importance, and we use our revenues to ensure our system integrity. Our tank maintenance program is continuing with a new set of projects this year, and we are constantly working to find efficiencies in energy costs and other portions of the budget.

We also include in the budget packets department accomplishments and goals for next year. The graphics below show some of the accomplishments and upcoming goals. We work hard to reach these goals each year, and will include those that we meet in next year’s budget document.

The final budget is scheduled to be approved at the Town Council meeting on June 20. In the meantime we are diligently working to provide the high quality service our customers have come to expect from Marana Water.

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