Marana Water News: Arizona Cities and Towns Week

This week marks the 15th Annual Cities and Towns Week sponsored by the League of Arizona Cities and Towns. This week is set aside each year to provide citizens with important information about the services and programs provided by their city/town, and to introduce the employees that deliver them. Check out the short video below highlighting some of the work done in cities and towns across the state.

There are 91 cities and towns in Arizona, and twenty of them were incorporated before Arizona became a state. Tucson is, in fact, the oldest city in the state; founded in 1877. Marana incorporated in 1977, and will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year. Be sure to keep checking the Town’s social media for activities related to the anniversary.

Marana Water works hard each day to provide the services and programs our customers and residents have come to expect. Our strong staff of 27 manage the water distribution and production systems, the wastewater collection and treatment system, all the customer service questions and billing, and keep looking to the future of the department and water resource needs. This is just a small part of how we are at work for you.

The Parks and Recreation department manage the town’s trail system, shared use paths, recreation programming, and park spaces. Public Works keeps our roads, sidewalks, landscaping, streetlights, medians, and so much more clean and safe. Our Development Services team provides assistance for those looking to build and do business in the Town. Internal services such as Finance, Legal, and Technology Services keep the lights on, computers running, and so much more. The over 300 employees of the Town of Marana are working each day to meet our Cultural Values of Dedicated Service, Teamwork, Respect, and Engaged Innovation.

Marana is not alone with the mission to meet customer and resident needs. The employees in all 91 cities and towns work hard every day to keep our communities clean, safe, and healthy. The League of Cities and Towns has put together a wonderful webpage highlighting how cities and towns are at work! Click here to explore the webpage.