Marana Town Talk Episode 6: Ina Road Beautification, Pure Water Brew Challenge

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Town of Marana has released its sixth episode of "Marana Town Talk", a local government podcast that balances education and entertainment with thoughtful commentary on local current events. 

Communications Manager Vic Hathaway and Communications Specialist Brad Allis kick off the episode with a brief discussion on current events (1:05), followed by an interview and tour of the Ina Road Beautification Project with Construction Manager Mac Murray (3:30). Listeners can then learn from Water Director John Kmiec about the entertaining but important role the Arizona Pure Water Brew Challenge plays in water conservation. (24:28). 

Ina Interchange Progress Report


The Ina Interchange Project is not only a major project for Marana, but for the entire region. The project continues to be on schedule and quite a bit has been accomplished since the project began in 2017.

Crews have completed the removal both bridges that traffic travelling on I-10 over Ina Road. One of the primary goals of the project is to now have Ina travel over I-10 and the Union Pacific Railroad, which will eliminate the need for traffic to stop for trains, speeding up travel, as well as making the area safer.  

A portion of the new Ina Road bridge has been completed, with the bridge over the new eastbound travel lanes complete. By completing this half of the bridge, it allows workers to complete the construction without working over live traffic or restricting freeway travel.

The new eastbound I-10 pavement is complete and in place. With the pavement in place, it has allowed all interstate traffic in both directions to be moved to that new pavement. Currently there are three lanes of traffic in each direction, and at completion this same pavement will carry four lanes of eastbound traffic.


Another portion of the project is the construction of two new bridges that will carry Ina Road over the Santa Cruz River. One of the new is complete and is now carrying the traffic on West Ina in both directions. After completion of the first new bridge, it allowed for the previous bridge to be removed. Currently work has begun on the second and upon its completion, the two bridges will each hold two lanes of traffic.

The bridges are not the only work being done on Ina Road west of the freeway. Crews have begun their work to widen Ina Road to two lanes in each direction from I-10 west to Silverbell Road. Ina Road is already two lanes in each direction east of I-10 and this expansion, along with the bridge, will give Ina Road a consistent flow the entire way.

A large amount of work has already gone into constructing the bridge supports and infrastructure for the remaining portion of the bridge over I-10 and the railroad tracks. Once completed, the bridge will connect with Ina Road east of the railroad tracks. Crews have also begun developing the on and off ramps that will connect I-10 and Ina Road. Additionally, workers have started to build the new westbound lanes of I-10.

Upon the project’s completion there will be four lanes of interstate highway in each direction.

The project is due to be completed in early 2019 and is a joint project by ADOT, the Town of Marana, Pima County, Pima Association of Governments, and the RTA.

Learn more on the project website.