Love Your Town

Happy Valentine's Day! Are you looking for ways to show your love to the community? The Town of Marana offers several programs that will help you do just that. 


Volunteer your time

The Town has many opportunities for volunteers from one-day projects to ongoing programs. Whether you'd like to contribute your skills in administrative work or help out with special events or public safety programs, we are happy to have you on board. Learn More.


Nominate someone for a Town of Marana community award

Every year the Town of Marana recognizes one organization and one individual for making their "mark" on the community with the Branding Iron Awards, and one youth age 18-and-under with the Youth Legacy Award. Know someone who is passionate about community service? Tell us all about them! We are accepting nominations now.


Community Clean-up Trailer Program

Studies show that clean neighborhoods have lower crime and greater residential satisfaction. The Department of Community Development- Code Enforcement Division provides a community clean-up trailer as a resource for residents who do not have the means and/or equipment to maintain their properties. It also provides a great opportunity for neighbors to come together to complete community beautification projects.  Learn More.

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Download the Marana Animal Services App

Next time you see a stray dog or cat, you can help bring them back to their owners by posting them on the Marana Animal Services App. The app leverages the power of communities to reunite families with their four-legged members. Learn More.


Adopt a Trail

The Town of Marana currently owns and maintains just over 57 miles of paths and trails. The Town of Marana Parks and Recreation Adopt-A-Trail Program allows an interested individual, informal group, or formal organization to volunteer their time to help maintain Marana’s trail system. Learn more. 


Adopt a roadway

Help keep the roads clean! Adopt a roadway and participate in quarterly cleanups. Public Works will provide supplies for your use. To learn more, call Public Works at 520-382-2536. 


Enhance your skills, save a life

Learn valuable skills that you can use to help others. Marana Parks and Recreation currently offers lifeguard certification training and lifeguard refresher training.


Give back to the community AND GET school credit

Do you need to work on a public project for school credit? The Town of Marana works with student groups to accomplish big community-impact projects. This is a great opportunity to earn real-world working skills as you prepare for your future after school. Learn more.


Conserve water

Because we live in the desert, water is a most precious resource. We must all do our part to use water wisely to ensure an adequate and safe supply for future generations. There are many ways that the Water Department is working to conserve water, and you can learn more on how you can make a difference here


Join the police explorers

Our mission is to work hand in hand with the members of the Marana Police Department to educate today's youth who are interested in a law enforcement career. We are dedicated to building a positive image of law enforcement by earning the mutual trust and respect of the community through our professionalism and commitment to excellence. Learn more.


Learn more about public safety

The Citizens Police Academy is designed to provide our citizens and business community with a greater understanding of the Marana Police Department and its operations through classroom instruction and hands-on experiences. This Academy is a 42-hour block of instruction taught by department employees that showcases several units in the department. Learn more.


See something? Say something!

Whether it's reporting a crime by calling 911 or reporting a pothole, let us know when something seems amiss. Visit the Report a Problem page for non-emergency issues, or download the My Marana App on your Apple or Android phone.


If you are interested in more ways to show your love to the community, please contact the Town of Marana at or leave a comment below. 

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Founder's Day Blog: From the Mouths of Babes

Founders' Day icon.png

Marana’s Founders’ Day has always been a family affair with a lot of activities geared toward kids. This year’s edition is no different, so who better to give a review of the event than a 7-year old? 7-year old Tyler Allis is a veteran of four Founders Days, and has provided a preview of next months event.

Tyler Allis - Parades are great, but I especially like parades where they throw candy! They throw a lot of candy at the Marana Founders’ Day parade. All you have to do is wave to the floats, and they throw you candy. 

Candy was not the only cool part of the parade- there is plenty to see. There are a lot of really neat vehicles you don’t get to see on most days. There will be kids on BMX bicycles and unicycles. These guys, called Shriners, drive around in little mini cars. They do tricks and then give high fives to all the kids. It is really cool.


There are always a bunch of people on horses and floats. There will be fire trucks and police motor cycles, and maybe even a monster truck. You get to see really cool old-time tractors! my sister really likes the all pink one, and some other old time cars and trucks. There will also be marching bands, cheerleaders, and people walking and waving.

The rest of Founders Day will be in downtown Marana, and there is so much stuff to do. I love food trucks. There will be lots of food trucks. Some have snacks, some have “real” food, and others have dessert. I will try to have a little bit of everything.


There will be a lot of really fun jumping castles and other inflatables. These are a lot of fun, and my dad is happy because they are free. A lot of the stuff at Founders Day is free.

There will be lots to see on the stage like music and dancers, and fun games like hula hoops, sack races, and beanbag toss. They do a lot of beanbag toss in Marana because it is a lot of fun. 

They also had this big area where all of these people gave me stuff. My dad called them vendors and he said they were all from Marana. Some of these people sell you stuff, and a lot just give you stuff! You can learn about businesses, churches, and even adopt a puppy. Last year I got a lot of pens, a ball, and some stuff to read. I can’t wait to see what else they have this year.

Marana Founders' Day in Downtown Marana is on Saturday, March 10 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.


Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 3.10.15 PM.png

Marana, Oro Valley partner to host MOVE Across 2 Ranges


Calling all hikers - the Towns of Marana and Oro Valley are once again partnering to host the 7th annual MOVE Across 2 Ranges hiking challenge. 

The event is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018. 

M.O.V.E., which stands for Marana Oro Valley Experience, gives outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and abilities the opportunity to hike, stroll or trail run two beautiful mountain ranges in the Marana and Oro Valley area: the Tortolitas and Santa Catalinas. 

Participants can choose one of four hiking challenges:

  1. Mighty Move – 6 miles
  2. Major Move – 10 miles
  3. Mega Move – 15 miles
  4. Massive Move – 21.5 miles

After the hike, participants can recover, revive and refuel at the finish line party in Catalina State Park. Enjoy music, food trucks, raffle prizes and much more. 

Those interested in participating - registration is $30 in advance or $35 at packet pick-up or on event day. New for this year is the family registration rate, at $20 per family member.  The new rate is applicable for any of the four challenges, and there must be at least a family of two to qualify for the special rate. 

Registration for the event includes a meal and beverage ticket (to be redeemed at the Recover, Revive and Refuel Area after the hike), admission into Catalina State Park, and snacks and drinks at the Packet Pickup Party on Feb. 23. 

Event shirts are $10 and are also available for purchase on event day. Start times for the challenges vary, depending on which you choose. For more route details or to register, visit or call (520) 229-5050.

Participants may pick up their event materials the morning of the event or at the special Packet Pickup Party on Friday, Feb. 23 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Oro Valley Summit Hut, 7745 N. Oracle Road.


  • Tortolita Mountain Trailhead, 14810 N. Secret Springs Drive, Marana, AZ 
  • Catalina State Park, 11570 N. Oracle Road, Oro Valley, AZ

Manager's Message: Marana is ready to capitalize on opportunity in 2018

Marana Town Manager Jamsheed Mehta provided the following Manager's Message for the Feb. 14 edition of the Marana News/Explorer News.


January is complete, and the Town of Marana has hit the ground running into 2018.  Last year saw great development in the town, and 2018 promises to be very exciting as we continue to grow and thrive.

Last year saw new businesses come into Marana, not only providing jobs for our residents, but also a variety of new shopping, dining and entertainment options, just to name a few. Top Golf chose Marana to be its Southern Arizona location. Marana became a home for some great breweries: Button Brew House and Dove Mountain Brewery opened their doors, while Growlers became a hub for craft beer and gastro pub fans. Arizona Pavilions added even more shopping options, such as HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Ross, Dollar Tree and a Petco opened stores in the already popular shopping area.

2017 also saw more homes being built. There were 775 new single-family residential permits issued in Marana, surpassing projections and once again leading southern Arizona. 

Last year proved that people want to work, live, and play in Marana. This year, we will see a number of new projects begin, enter new phases, or come to completion that will improve the Marana experience for those who work, live and visit our community. 

The new Ina Road Interchange will open in 2019, with the bulk of the project being completed this year. The west side of the freeway is teeming with ADOT contractors working hard to rebuild the bridge over the Santa Cruz River. This will expand the roadway to four lanes and provide improved infrastructure, which will lead to a higher level of mobility and regional access for future land uses on the west side. 

The Ina Interchange itself is not the only improvement to the area. The town is committed to making Ina Road an even better place to do business with new landscaping, street lighting, and even monuments or public art. 

The area is already a great place to shop and eat, but we are always looking at how to make the Marana experience even better. With the new interchange, improved side streets will allow better access to businesses in the area and further aid in reducing traffic delays. Traffic will flow better on, off, and over the freeway. The Union Pacific Railroad will no longer be an issue for motorists. Having Ina Road travel over the freeway and train tracks is certainly safer, but it will also eliminate lengthy delays.

The Town is committed to making the area better for businesses. We are already looking at ways to improve the landscaping, and we are exploring what type of public art and monuments in the in the Ina Road corridor will help distinguish this important commerce center in the Town. 

2018 will see great changes in north Marana. The expansion of the wastewater facility will allow for further development of this area, and we have a number of housing and business developers interested in projects in this area. Had we not expanded the facility, growth would be halted in the area. Now, Marana can handle plenty of residential and business growth in the area.

With more homes and businesses comes the need for improved infrastructure. 2018 will see the completion of the Marana Road realignment and the new traffic circle on Sandario, the extension of Adonis Road and the reconstruction of Coachline Road. 

Developers have shown great interest in the entire region. By re-routing Marana Road, we hope to create better travel in the area. The roadway was designed to better access properties eyed for development. These projects are also being constructed in a way that is consistent with our long term vision of the area. Eventually, we will see the connection of Tangerine Farms into a northern loop, and changes to the Marana Road Interchange will make the area easier to navigate. 

Ina-Bridge Support west side 8.31.17.jpg

The new traffic circle is the first step in our plans to develop a Marana Main Street district. Already, businesses are inquiring about contributing to the vision we have of the area. Our desire is to create a shopping and dining district that can become the centerpiece of North Marana and give a real identity to the area. 

Town Staff is already hard at work on putting together budgets for the 2019 Fiscal Year, which begins on July 1. Marana takes great pride in having balanced, responsible budgets that allow us to provide great customer service and great amenities, while still spending money wisely. In fact, our finance department received the Government Finance Officers Association’s Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for our 2017-2018 budget. The award reflects our commitment to providing the public with detailed information on how their resources are allocated to important services and infrastructure investments.

2017 was a great year for our Town, and 2018 looks to continue that trend. We are very excited about what is happening in Marana this year and beyond. 

Jamsheed Mehta is the Town Manager for the Town of Marana.

Girl Scouts learn water conservation tips

Because we live in the desert, water is a most precious resource. We must all do our part to use water wisely to ensure an adequate and safe supply for future generations. Brownies from troop 70 learned about water conservation and created posters to help us all be wiser in our water usage.


Take 5-minute showers instead of baths. A full bathtub requires up to 70 gallons of water. If your shower fills a one-gallon bucket in less than 20 seconds, replace the showerhead with a WaterSense® labeled model, which can save up to 750 gallons of water a year.


Turn off the water while you brush your teeth and save up to 4 gallons a minute. That’s up to 200 gallons a week for a family of four. Plug the sink instead of running the water to rinse your razor and save up to 300 gallons a month.


Be a leak detective! Check all hoses, connectors, and faucets regularly for leaks. One drip every second adds up to five gallons per day! Check your faucets and showerheads for leaks. Have maintenance personnel regularly check your facilities for leaks, drips and other water waste. We’re more likely to notice leaky faucets indoors, but don’t forget to check outdoor faucets, pipes, and hoses.


Designate one glass for your drinking water each day, or refill a water bottle. This will cut down on the number of glasses to wash. Keep a pitcher of drinking water in the refrigerator instead of running the tap. This way, every drop goes down you and not the drain.


There are many ways to practice conservation at home. The Marana Water Department web page has helpful tips and links on how to conserve water and save money!

Press Release: Angell selected to lead Marana Development Services


The Town of Marana has named Jason Angell as the new Development Services Director. He replaces Ryan Mahoney who previously served in the position.

“I am extremely excited,” Angell said. “Marana has been very intriguing to me from the very beginning. It clearly has a vision, but is also very proud of their heritage. I am excited to be joining a dynamic team of professionals.”

“We think he will be a great member of our team and is the perfect person to further evolve our Development Services Department,” said Town Manager Jamsheed Mehta. 

He previously served as the Director of Development services in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Before that he worked in Minneapolis-St. Paul area as City Planner for Minnetrista, MN.

He attended St. Cloud State University where he received a degree in Community Studies.

Angell will continue to guide the newly formed Development Services Department as they combine what was the Town’s Planning Department and Building Inspections Department under one umbrella. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of the combined divisions of Planning and Building Safety, Jason will be involved in updating the Town’s Land Development Code, amending the General Plan, and enhancing the development review process.

“The vision and goal that we will strive for is to provide the highest level of service,” Angell said.

The design is to have one department that can bring development from the initial stages, which is the planning and vision, to a final reality of a completed project.

“We want to do it in the most efficient way, while also maintaining and enhancing the Town’s vision of what they want to be when they grow up,” Angell said.

Angell and his family were the 2017 United Way Campaign Chairs for the Marshfield area annual campaign.

Press Release: Mehta named Town Manager


Marana Town Council appointed Jamsheed Mehta as Town Manager at the February 6 regular council meeting. Mehta formerly served as Interim Town Manager and Deputy Town Manager, and has worked for the Town of Marana since 2014.

Mehta replaces Gilbert Davidson who was appointed Chief Operating Officer for the State of Arizona in November 2017.

“The Town of Marana is extremely lucky to have someone of Jamsheed Mehta’s professional abilities and talents to be our new Town Manager,” said Mayor Ed Honea. “I look forward to working with Mr. Mehta as we continue into Marana’s future.”

“We felt he was a perfect fit to continue to help the Town prosper,” said Councilmember Patti Comerford.

“We have a tremendous group of very talented and dedicated staff, and I’m proud to represent them as we go forward,” said Mehta. “Driven by our cultural values of dedicated service, teamwork, respect, and engaged innovation, every day is an opportunity to make Marana the choice place to live, work, and play."

Mehta became Deputy Town Manager in March 2014. He was initially appointed by Davidson to oversee the departments of development services, airport, engineering, utilities, and public works. Since November he has provided leadership to run the administration and serve Town Council. He previously served as Interim Assistant City Manager for City of Glendale, Arizona.

Mehta has degrees in civil engineering and urban planning from the University of Kansas. He is a member of the Arizona City Manager’s Association and International City/County Managers Association.

Website tabs Marana as one of state's Top-10 Cities to Live In

Community photos 2010 101.jpg

For the third straight year Marana was named one of Arizona's top-10 cities to live in by, a website that uses recent data to paint a picture of what’s happening in a region.

Marana was ranked as the No. 10 Best City to Live In by the website. The Town was No. 8 in 2017 and No. 10 in 2016.

The website ranked each place in Arizona across a number of criteria from one to 54, with one being the best. Next, they took the average rank across all criteria, with the city posting the lowest overall score being crowned the winner of the title “Best Place To Live In Arizona”.

The criteria they used were:
Median Home Values
Median Income
Population Density (Higher better)
Unemployment Rate
Commute Time
Education Levels
Health Insurance Coverage
Poverty rates

Sources of criteria include the New Census Data and FBI Crime Data.

According to the website, “Marana has a long and illustrious history and its ranking in the top ten of our best places to live is just another notch in its belt.”

“Not to mention that its residents have plenty to do on the weekends,” they added.

Marana had the 7th highest household median income adjusted for cost of living at $76,484. tries to paint a picture of what it's like to live in places across America. To do that, they gather data from around the web to help determine a wide array of factors about where people live including safety, desirability, and culture.

Full article

Marana News: Highlighting Park & Rec programs

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 3.20.06 PM.png

The Marana News profiled Parks & Recreation programs in the Northwest part of town, with a huge focus on Marana.

Though the winter chill still hangs around in the morning, the Town of Marana’s wholesome selection of activities continues well into the spring, with everything from group hikes in the Tortolita Mountains to lifeguard training courses and golf and tennis lessons. 

For the more active among us, the town offers the aforementioned group hikes, which have 13 openings, on Feb. 10, March 10 and April 14. Adventurers will have a chance to experience the Sonoran Desert up close, while getting an unparalleled view of the beautiful Tortolita Mountains. There are also monthly guided mountain bikes rides, on Feb. 11, March 11 and April 6 through April 8—for those looking for a two-wheeled adventure to remember. Bikers will trek through the Tortolita Preserve on the preserve trail, which is a nine-mile experience. For those looking to let a live animal carry them through the desert, there are also guided horseback rides (though you will work up much less of a sweat). 

More information on Marana-area trails and activities should check out the town’s official website at

Parents looking to get their kids into sports are in luck as well, with tennis and golf clinics for children age 5-17, with various dates in February, March and April. 

There’s also the timeless joy of open gym basketball and volleyball—with the roundball sessions running from now until April 30, while youth and adult volleyball has six sessions, between now and April 24. 

The cavalcade of activities is one of the main draws for new residents, says Town of Marana Parks and Recreation Director Jim Conroy. 

“The Town of Marana offers outstanding Park and Recreation opportunities for residents and visitors of all ages,” Conroy said. “Ranging from exceptional hiking on Town maintained trails in the Totollia Mountain Preserve to world class bird watching at the El Rio Preserve and cycling along the Santa Cruz Shared User Path. Marana offers extraordinary outdoor Parks and Recreation experiences for all visitors looking for healthy lifestyle experiences.”

If you’re in the mood the just enjoy a day at the park, without any programming, head to one of nine community, neighborhood or district parks. A full listing of all park sites, including amenities, can be found online at For more information on all Marana programs, head to

For a full list of Marana Parks & Recreation programs, classes and community events go to and look under “Winter/Spring Programs.”

For the full story see the Marana News website

Marana News: Local businesses flourish despite Ina construction


West Ina Road at Interstate 10 is currently filled with construction equipment, detours and dirt. With the environmental assessment on the project stating Ina’s closure could be up to 24 months, many local business owners originally felt concern about traffic rerouting away from their storefronts. However, this does not seem to be the case. 

“The loyalty of local shoppers has been fantastic,” said Julee Baxley, co-owner of Integrity Automotive. “People have found shortcuts and rerouted themselves. Businesses with good reputations and loyal customers have not been affected.”

Integrity Automotive is only a few blocks off the I-10, almost as close the Ina project as a company can get, and according to Baxley, has not seen a slowdown. 

“Ina is not closed,” Baxley said.

For more businesses that are thriving during construction and how they accomplished that, please see the full article at the Marana News.

In preparation for the construction the Town of Marana created the Project Ina App, which provided project updates, maps of the project area, and allowed local businesses to promote specials or sales via their social media accounts.

The Town changed their sign code to allow for additional signage to be displayed during the construction, and these changes will benefit all businesses impacted by construction within the Town. They also placed signage around the area to remind people that those businesses were still open and what some of the business options were.

The Town also participated in a pair of business walks of the area with the Marana Chamber of Commerce to speak directly with local businesses to inform them of services available and to learn how the Town could better meet their needs during the construction.

Spotlight on Schools: Awards and Certifications

Several Marana Unified School District educators and staffers earned awards or certifications over the past month. All of these honorees have dedicated themselves to their schools, their district, and in turn, the Marana community

Dondi Luce, Twin Peaks Elementary principal, is a finalist for the 2018 Woman of Influence Awards. Dr. Luce has been ranked in the top three in the Education Champion category. Dr. Luce will be honored as a finalist at a special dinner and awards event on Wednesday, March 7, where the 1st place winner will be announced. Tucson Local Media’s publication, Inside Tucson Business, has been honoring outstanding women in our community annually since 2004.

Kelly McGarity-300x300.jpg

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) announced that Ms. Kelly McGarity, a Social Studies teacher at Marana Middle School who has worked in the Marana Unified School District since 2001 has received national certification in Generalist/Middle Childhood.

National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential in which teachers have met the profession’s highest standards and have the knowledge and skills necessary to advance student learning. Similar to certification in fields like medicine, National Board Certification is a rigorous, peer-reviewed process that ensures that Board-certified teachers have proven skills to advance student achievement.

Aimee Katz, DeGrazia Elementary School teacher, is one of two teachers in Tucson nominated for the prestigious 2017-2018 LifeChanger of the Year.  This is not only exciting news for DeGrazia Elementary but for #maranaschools. LifeChanger is a national program that recognizes educators for the positive difference they make in the lives of their students, for being a leader in the school community, for exemplifying excellence as an educator and for creating a nurturing atmosphere in our schools.

Beth DeWeerdt was selected as the Marana Unified School District’s Teacher of the Year. DeWeerdt is in her tenth year teaching in MUSD and is regarded as an outstanding educator and a leader by her peers. Her exemplary teaching at Quail Run Elementary is evident in her work with students, in her support of colleagues and in her positive outlook on life.

Dena Reninger, Tortolita Middle School Counseling Secretary was the 2018 Support Staff of the Year, while Christina Noriega, MUSD Family Resource Coordinator, as the 2018 Exempt Employee of the Year.

James Attebery was been selected as a finalist for the 24th annual Arizona Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Circle K Corporation “Outstanding High School Faculty Awards Program,” which honors outstanding high school teachers in Southern Arizona. He was honored at a pre-game recognition ceremony at the Arizona men’s basketball game on Saturday, January 27. He will also be recognized at a special Awards Banquet held at the UA Hall of Champions on Friday, March 2, where the Teacher of the Year will be announced.

Please see the MUSD Website for the latest information and news on the school district. 

Marana PD Awarded 3 DUI & Speed Enforcement Grants


The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) has awarded the Marana Police Department three grants that total $85,000 in overtime funding.

DUI/Impaired Driving Enforcement Grant – GOHS has awarded the Marana Police Department with $40,000 in grant funding to conduct DUI enforcement throughout the Town of Marana.  The goal of the funding is to reduce alcohol and drug-related driving, fatalities, and injuries through enforcement, education, and public awareness. 

Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) Grant – GOHS has awarded the Marana Police Department with $30,000 in grant funding to conduct speed and traffic enforcement throughout the Town of Marana.  The goal of this grant is to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries resulting from speeding, aggressive driving, red light running and other forms of risky driving behavior through enforcement, education, and public awareness. 

Know Your Limit Grant – GOHS has awarded the Marana Police Department with $15,000 in grant funding to expand additional educational programs and intervention techniques beyond our outreach programs already in place with local schools and the Citizen’s Academy. Marana PD officers will be going out to events where alcohol is served and providing public awareness and education on the effects of consuming alcohol.

The Marana Police Department would like to thank the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for continuing to help make the Town of Marana a safe place for citizens to live, work, and shop.

Cracker Barrel Road Restrictions Jan. 29 - Feb. 2

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 2.22.25 PM.png

From Monday, January 29 through Friday, February 2, traffic movement along Cracker Barrel Road will be restricted to northbound, one way travel only from south of Hospitality Drive to Arizona Pavilions Drive so that surface drainage improvements and pavement repairs can be completed. Traffic control devices and directional signage will be set up to guide motorists through the work zone. Business access will be maintained during construction.

For your safety and that of the contractor’s personnel, please comply with all traffic control devices, flagging personnel, and/or detour signs. Travel time through the project area may increase during construction so please adjust your schedule accordingly. Construction may restrict traffic lanes and create congestion. Taking alternate routes is suggested.

If inclement weather or other events cause delays, the work may be rescheduled without further notice.

Three new parks projects underway

Tangerine Sky Community Park Concept.jpg

January will be a busy month for Marana Parks and Recreation. Three new projects will begin, including the construction of two new parks.

Work will ramp up on Tangerine Sky Park. The 17-acre park just south of Tangerine Road near Dove Mountain will become the largest park facility in Northeast Marana. The park had a groundbreaking ceremony last spring and much of the work to prepare the land for development has been completed, but the actual construction of the park’s amenities has just begun.

“There will be a little bit of something for everyone,” said Marana Parks and Recreation Director Jim Conroy.

The new park will have a number of popular features, including two dog parks and two playgrounds. The playgrounds are designed for children of different ages, one for preschoolers and the other for older kids. One of the playground features that will be unique to the area will be a zipline themed swing that will travel a length of 30-feet.

“The park is surrounded by mountain views on all size,” Conroy added. “It will be a very unique experience.”

Other features include a basketball court, three ramadas, a perimeter walking path with connectivity to the multi-use path on Tangerine, as well as connections to the Tangerine Sky neighborhood.

The park is due to be completed late spring or early summer of this year.

Preliminary work is also beginning on the new splash pad at Crossroads at Silverbell District Park. With the success of the splash pad in north Marana, a second splash pad was needed and will fit in perfectly at the already popular park.

The new splash pad will be located close to the existing playground and ramadas, making it a great option for those wanting to host a spring or summer birthday party.

“Splash pads are crazy popular right now and we think this will be a wonderful attraction for the park,” Conroy said.

The overall size of the new facility will be 90-feet in diameter, with 56-feet of it the actually splash pad surface. There will also be plenty of shade and integrated seating within the facility, giving additional relief on hot days.

The third project will bring a new amenity to one of Marana’s oldest neihgborhoods. The Honea Heights neighborhood will be getting a new pocket park. The new park will have a basketball court, a playground, and a turf area/open play area. There will also be a ramada and a grill.

“We think this will be a major upgrade to the area,” said Conroy. “We are looking at ways to bring additional amenities to some of our older neighborhoods and this is a great first step.”

Another major project slated to begin this quarter is the new disc golf course, which will be built adjacent to the El Rio Preserve. The project is a partnership between the Town of Marana and Pima County, and will utilize local disc golf enthusiasts as caretakers of the new course.



Council Reviews Downtown LDC Draft: Download and comment now

The Town Council met for a Study Session on January 9 to review the downtown portion of the draft Land Development Code (LDC).

Jamsheed Mehta, the Interim Town Manager, introduced the draft document to Council, focusing on Downtown and Mixed Use Zones and noting that the earliest vote on the document would be in March. If adopted, the code would help realize Council’s stated objectives for downtown, including creating local character and developing an identity for the town center. The Town’s adopted long range plans all call for this land use upgrade, to enable the vision of the community.

The downtown LDC serves a market segment that the Town is missing — a walkable main street. Places that have adopted similar laws that enable walkable neighborhoods have experienced significant economic development. With the first infrastructure phase of Marana Main Street and roundabout underway now, enabling land use is the next step.

Today’s portion of the LDC is part of an overall revision to the LDC, which will rezone everything in town except for the specific plans. Initial LDC meetings with landowners and the development community have been positive.

Frank Cassidy, the Town Attorney, got into more details on the workings of the proposed land development code for Downtown and Mixed Use Zones. The code is an optional overlay zone that creates an extra choice for any downtown landowner to opt in. Because of Prop 207, no change in property rights will be made without any property owner’s written consent.

Specifications for the two newly proposed zones, Downtown (DT) and Downtown Neighborhood (DN) are dimensional things – like heights and setbacks – and if the developers meet it, there is no argument. It’s giving the developer the express service that otherwise would take months.

This version of the code is an initial draft, so the Council study session was a time to give feedback and ask questions. Council recommended that the code proceed to Planning Commission, at the next regularly scheduled meeting on January 31, at 6:30 p.m.

For an overview of the whole process, go here. To provide feedback on this draft code, go here.

Westbound I-10 traffic switch at Ina Road set for Jan. 27-28

Ina-10-New EB Lanes.jpg

Motorists on Interstate 10 near Ina Road should expect lane restrictions for a traffic shift the night of Saturday, Jan. 27.

The following restrictions are scheduled from 10 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 27, to 5 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 28, to allow crews to place concrete barrier and perform striping work:

  • Westbound I-10 will be reduced to one lane between Orange Grove and Cortaro roads (mileposts 250-247).
  • The left lane of eastbound I-10 will be closed between Cortaro and Orange Grove roads.
  • The on-ramp from Orange Grove Road to westbound I-10 will close. Drivers will be directed to Sunset Road to access westbound I-10.

The travel restrictions will allow crews to switch westbound traffic from the westbound frontage road to the newly constructed travel lanes that will ultimately be used by eastbound traffic.  Both east- and westbound drivers will utilize the newly constructed lanes while the westbound half of the traffic interchange is replaced.

Drivers should proceed through the work zone with caution, slow down and watch for construction equipment and personnel. 

The project to reconstruct the interchange at I-10 and Ina Road includes an overpass of I-10 and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. In addition, both I-10 and Ina Road will be widened in the project area. Learn more on the project website.

Managed by ADOT, the project is funded by the Regional Transportation Authority of Pima County. The voter-approved, $2.1 billion RTA plan will be implemented through 2026. Details about the full plan are available at

Schedules are subject to change based on weather and other unforeseen factors. For more information, please call the ADOT Project Information Line at 855.712.8530. For real-time highway conditions statewide, visit ADOT’s Traveler Information Site at, follow ADOT on Twitter (@ArizonaDOT) or call 511, except while driving. 

Marana wins Distinguished Budget Presentation Award

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 12.48.36 PM.png

The Government Finance Officers Association is pleased to announce that the Town of Marana, Arizona, has received GFOA's Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for its 2017-2018 budget.

“This award reflects the Marana’s continued commitment to providing the public with detailed information on how their resources are allocated to important services and infrastructure investments,” said Marana Finance Director Erik Montague.

The award represents a significant achievement by the Town. It reflects the commitment of the Marana Town Council and Town Staff to meeting the highest principles of governmental budgeting. In order to receive the budget award, the entity had to satisfy nationally recognized guidelines for effective budget presentation. These guidelines are designed to assess how well an entity's budget serves as:

  • a policy document
  •  a financial plan
  • an operations guide
  • a communications device

Budget documents must be rated "proficient" in all four categories, and in the fourteen mandatory criteria within those categories, to receive the award.

There are over 1,600 participants in the Budget Awards Program. The most recent Budget Award recipients, along with their corresponding budget documents, are posted quarterly on GFOA's website. Award recipients have pioneered efforts to improve the quality of budgeting and provide an excellent example for other governments throughout North America.

Government Finance Officers Association is a major professional association servicing the needs of more than 19,000 appointed and elected local, state, and provincial-level government officials and other finance practitioners. It provides top quality publications, training programs, services, and products designed to enhance the skills and performance of those responsible for government finance policy and management. The association is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with offices in Washington D.C.

Two Marana resorts earn high honors


With great places to stay, fun things to do, and close proximity to Interstate 10 and the rest of the region, Marana is a great vacation destination. Two Marana based hotels were recently recognized for their commitment to service and luxury.

The White Stallion Ranch Resort and the Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain ere udged to be among the top-25 in two categories by TripAdvisor.

The White Stallion Ranch Resort was ranked 19th for Best Service in TripAdvisor's "Travelers' Choice Awards for Hotels" while the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain was the 25th most luxurious hotel in the United States. 

The winners are based on reviews collected by TripAdvisor over the past year. 

For more information on all of the great travel options within Marana and the surrounding areas, check out

Spotlight on Schools: Ross earns certification


The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) announced that Ms. Sarah Ross, a teacher at Marana High School, has received national certification in Music/Early Adolescence Through Young Adulthood.

Ross has taught Fine Arts/Choir since 2007

National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential in which teachers have met the profession’s highest standards and have the knowledge and skills necessary to advance student learning. Similar to certification in fields like medicine, National Board Certification is a rigorous, peer-reviewed process that ensures that Board-certified teachers have proven skills to advance student achievement.

Ross is involved with the Marana Community Choir and Marana Community Theater who have performed at several Town of Marana events.

Learn more about the great teachers and programs within the Marana Unified School District

Marana News: Learn to fly at the Marana Regional Airport


This story by Jeff Gardner originally appeared in the Marana News.

There are more than 250 aircraft at the Marana Regional Airport. Some of the vehicles are military, some are private and some are educational. 

Tyler and Tasha Sturges run their business, Volare Helicopters, from the Marana Regional Airport. They offer sightseeing tours, special events and helicopter training.

“You’d be surprised at the range of people who want to learn to fly,” Tyler said. “It takes a certain amount of confidence, but with enough practice, there’s no one who can’t learn.”

Tyler views learning to fly helicopters professionally as a kind of trade school for himself, an alternative to a traditional university. To him, it’s a cheaper and faster process. The FAA requires 40 hours in the air for a pilot certificate, and 150 hours to be a commercial pilot. Tyler completed this in about two years.

“I feel like some people view flying as a kind of ‘rich person’ thing,” Tyler said. “But if you look at the numbers, it really isn’t.”

Read the rest of the story at the Marana News.