Marana Police Department receives state accreditation

MARANA - Marana Police Department has been awarded the full Police Accreditation through the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police (AACOP) and the Arizona Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (ALEAP).  Marana Police Department was one of three agencies in the state to receive full accreditation along with Kingman Police Department and University of Arizona Police Department, and one of the first agencies to apply for accreditation and compete all of the steps necessary to be commissioned as an accredited agency by the ALEAP Commission and the AACOP Board of Directors.  These steps included; a two-year self-assessment (which Marana Police Department completed in 10 months), a mock assessment, an on-sight assessment, and a hearing before the ALEAP Commission.  Marana Police Department met all 174 standards approved by the AACOP Executive Board.

 “This is a significant achievement for the Department and we were pleased with the end result and evaluation,” Police Chief Rozema said. “We continue to look for ways to elevate the professionalism of the Department and this accreditation is certainly another great step in that direction.”

“This is a significant achievement for our Police Department,” Town Manager Jamsheed Mehta said. “The assessors’ evaluation was highly complementary of not only the processes and the practice but also the culture under which we operate.”

The comments from the commission and the ALEAP Director were positive and affirming:

“Marana Police Department members were informative, knowledgeable, friendly, and displayed exceptional pride in their appearance and their agency.”

“The policies of the Marana Police Department accurately and appropriately reflect the standards outlined by the ALEAP. It is their culture, however, driven from the top down, that makes them stand out. Every member of the organization expressed a desire to do their best work possible.”

“It was clear the members of the Marana Police Department were engaged, committed, and proud. They were proud of the service they provide, the department they work for, and most of all, the community they serve.”

The State of Arizona Law Enforcement Accreditation Program is a voluntary program that seeks to establish and maintain standards that represent current professional law enforcement best practices to increase effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of law enforcement services, and to establish standards that address and reduce liability for the agency and its members. Accredited agencies meet the goals of accountability, fair and non-discriminatory personnel policies, quality service delivery, excellence, and community trust.