Re-planted Saguaros decorate Shared Use Path


Marana Parks and Recreation has worked with local developers and other Town departments to re-purpose cacti and other desert plants to decorate the new section of the Shared Use Path (SUP) in north Marana.

This past week they moved Ocotillos and Saguaros from in front of businesses and construction on Cortaro and Serius Stra and re-planted them next to the SUP. Due to a new turn bay being added at that location on Cortaro Road these Saguaros and Ocotillos had to be moved because they were a visual obstruction.

The project had to be coordinated between Marana Parks and Recreation, Engineering, and Public works.

“They are a nice addition to our nodes on the new section of Shared Use Path,” said Marana Parks and Recreation Director Jim Conroy. “I appreciate the on-going, good coordination of efforts, between our department and other departments and divisions within the Town. It was good Town of Marana teamwork and environmental awareness between Engineering, Public Works and Parks and Recreation.”


The Saguaros weighted between 1500 – 2000 pounds each and due to their position, traffic control was necessary, but was next to no problem thanks to the efforts of Donna Chambers and Nathan Jansky of Marana Parks and Recreation.

Marana Parks Superintendent Dave Herman said their efforts were vital in making the project safe, cost effective, and lessening the impact on motorists. He noted that similar traffic control in other jurisdictions could have run at least $1,000.

Signs and Markings Technician Rich Jacinto was able to temporarily remove a road sign, allowing crews safer access to one of the Saguaros, then replaced the sign as soon as it was safe.