Make Marana 2040 Open House Overview, with future dates

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The first set of open houses for the Make Marana 2040 General Plan were held on April 10 and 11, 2019 at 6:00 PM.  The April 10th open houses was held at the Marana Municipal Complex and the open house on the 11th was held at the Wheeler Taft Abbett Sr. Library. The objectives for this set of open houses were to:

  • Provide an update on the General Plan process and themes; and

  • Present the Workshop 1-3 results.

What Happened?

A total of 14 people attended the two open houses. Upon arriving, each attendee was asked to identify on a map, generally, where they live or work in Marana. This was done to see what areas of the town were represented in the open house. Attendees at the April 10th open house were widespread, with a majority residing in Gladden Farms.  Attendees at the April 11th open house were mostly from communities along Silverbell Road, such as Continental Ranch.

The open house began with a short presentation informing attendees of the status of the General Plan Update, including the Map Atlas, the organization of the General Plan, and the results from the first three workshops, which will inform the development of the General Plan Update.

After the presentation, the meeting concluded with an open house format in which attendees could view boards and banners related to the General Plan themes, Map Atlas maps, and the draft Future Circulation map. Comment cards were made available for any comments that attendees had throughout the open house.

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There’s still time to participate!

Interested in attending the next workshop? Mark your calendars!

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