Town Clerk Jocelyn Bronson retires from Town of Marana after 22 years service


After 22 years of service, Town Clerk Jocelyn Bronson is retiring from the Town of Marana. Her last day is Friday, September 7.

Bronson started as the second executive assistant to Town Manager Hurvie Davis, and in March 1999 was appointed as the fifth Town Clerk. During her tenure she served at two town hall facilities, under three mayors, 18 council members and five town managers. When she first came to the Town in 1996, the geographic area was 69 square miles and the population was 6,046 with 137 employees. 

Bronson's departure comes after a long career of significant accomplishments, including developing and facilitating the first Town of Marana Citizens Forum in 2003, serving on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Municipal Clerks Association for six years, serving as Board President in 2007, and serving as an ex-officio board member with the Marana Chamber of Commerce since 1999. She also administered the Citizens Resource and Education Workshop, served as staff to the Marana Business Advisory Committee and the Police Citizen Advisory Commission, and managed the Community Connections program at the Town of Marana. 

Passionate about accessible government and bringing educational opportunities to future generations, Bronson founded the Marana 2.0 internship program with Marana High School and invited high school students to be a part of real-world local government projects. Her program inspired and enriched the interests of Marana's future leaders, and brought local government eduction into the classroom. 

After retiring Bronson plans to travel, take classes, and continue her volunteer work.