PRESS RELEASE: Ina Road Beautification

In conjunction with Arizona Department of Transportation’s Ina Interchange Project located in Marana, the Town of Marana will begin a comprehensive Ina Road beautification project. The beautification/improvement project is designed to make the area even more appealing for customers when the interchange is complete and Ina Road is fully accessible once again.

Town of Marana will mill and fill the asphalt on both Ina Road and Aerie Road. All Town streets north of Ina Road, except Camino de Oeste, will have a surface treatment added.

Landscaping will be added to bring additional color and plant life along the corridor. New street lights, sidewalks, and accessibility ramps will improve safety and visibility.

The Ina Road beautification project is scheduled to begin in early September and be completed by mid-winter. Paving work will be completed prior to the holiday shopping season.

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