Marana Town Council supports 2018 YMCA Community Military Ball


Marana Town Council made an official proclamation on May 15 giving their support to the 2018 YMCA Community Military Ball, which will be held on November 10.

The ball is one of the biggest formal integrations of community and military that occurs in Arizona.

“I want to thank the Town, the Mayor, the Vice Mayor and all of the Council Members for all your support for the military, our current active serving military members, as well as our veterans and retired,” said the events co-chair retired United States Air Force Major General Ted Maxwell. “This community is incredibly open to [us].”

Marana has been named a Purple Heart City based on support for the military.

“Many staff members along with many families in the Marana community, have served or have family members who have served, or continue to serve, in various branches of the Armed Forces,’ the proclamation reads.

Proceeds from the ball will be “dedicated entirely to enhance, extend, and expand access for military families to local community YMCA facilities, programs and services.”

“This ball will give back to the family members of current military members,” Maxwell said.

Maxwell also explained the importance of the Marana Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery, which opened in 2016.

That cemetery has changed more lives for veterans as well as family members to have a place of calm and respite, the ability to spend time with their loved ones who are gone,” said Maxwell. “the idea [of] knowing there is a place that our families will have a place to go in the future.”

The YMCA Community Military Ball will be held at the Tucson Convention Center.

The YMCA’s Community Military Ball recognizes the YMCA’s longstanding tradition of service to military families and is a celebration in honor of veterans, active duty, reserve, fallen, and retired servicemen and women from all military branches. 

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