Town staff now accepting public input on recommended operating budget

Town Manager Jamsheed Mehta and Finance Director Erik Montague presented the recommended operating budgets for the General Fund, Bed Tax Fund, Highway User Revenue Fund, Water Operating Fund, Wastewater Operating Fund, and Airport Operating Fund for fiscal year 2018-2019 at the April 10 Council study session.

Information and direction received from Council will be incorporated into the Town's tentative budget which will be brought back to Mayor and Council for consideration at the regular meeting on May 15, 2018.

View the Manager's Recommended Operating Budget. 

The document is a comprehensive summary of the recommended budget and includes departmental summaries with notes explaining major changes between fiscal years.  The summary includes a section on operating capital and projects which provides brief descriptions of significant one-time items.  It also formally lists the items requested to be carry forward into the 2018-2019 recommended budget.  Staff projects that there will be adequate resources to support these carry forward requests.

The budgets presented are the operating budgets for the General Fund and other selected operating funds. Other Special Revenue, Capital Project and Debt Service Funds are not formally presented here at this time, and will be included in the overall tentative budget which will be presented on May 15, 2018.

View the Council Study Session Agenda item. 

View the Council Study Session Budget Presentation.

Learn more about the Marana Budget process.

Let us know your feedback! The Town is accepting feedback from the public through May 15 when the tentative budget is presented to Town Council. 

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