Marana News: Conroy happy at the helm of Marana Parks and Recreation

The Marana News profiled Marana Parks and Recreation Director Jim Conroy. Conroy and his team manage 54 miles of trails, a wide array of amenities, and a lot of great programs for the public.


Managing the 54 miles of trails and the wide array of amenities which comprise Marana’s parks and rec system may seem a daunting task, but not when you have over 30 years of recreation experience and have ridden in El Tour de Tucson 22 times.

Jim Conroy, Marana’s new parks and recreation director, may as well have bike paths for veins and turf for hair. Prior to getting this new job on Nov. 6, Jim worked at Green Valley Recreation, the City of Tucson, the Grand Canyon and more. But after all that, the small town appeal drew him in.

“Marana has always been an area I’ve thought was exceptional,” Conroy said. “I think the potential of what we can do with the trails, fields and rec facilities here is great.”

Conroy became director of parks and rec during a period of great expansion and improvement in Marana, and hopes to continue that growth throughout his career. This summer alone, the town is slated to open the 17-acre Tangerine Sky Community Park, a new “splash pad” at Crossroads District Park and a new park in the Honea Heights neighborhood.

“It’s going to be a big summer for us,” Conroy said. “I see [Tangerine Sky Park] being particularly popular, especially with youth sports.” 

“With hiking, cycling, birding and youth sports communities, the level of support for outdoor amenities in Marana is outstanding,” Conroy said.  “This is the best community I’ve seen in regards to making parks and trails a reality. The connectivity to our parks is outstanding. You know, I’ve heard about the desire for recreation in Marana, but now that I’m here, I see it every day.”

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