Founders' Day Blog: Favorite Parade Moments

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One  major thing that sets Founders’ Day apart from the other Marana signature events is the parade. This annual spectacle attracts lots of Marana residents to line the sidewalks and watch all the great vehicles, floats, and people glide by.

The parade has had a number of great features. There have been monster trucks, farm machinery, and even a marriage proposal. Here is a list of some of our favorite moments at the Marana Founders’ Day parade.

Horses – Everyone loves horses (unless you have Equinophobia) and the Marana Founder’s Day Parade has plenty of horses. Horses are central to Marana’s farming and ranching legacy, and there are plenty of these majestic animals on display.


Marching Bands – Few things are more integral to a parade than marching bands. Both Marana and Mountain View High Schools have participated in the past and both do a fantastic job providing the soundtrack to the parade. With their colorful costumes and perfect formations, these are some musicians to be proud of.


Floats – The Marana Founders’ Day parade features some great people and organizations. Nearly every school is represented with students smiling, waving, and throwing candy. You are apt to get a teacher wearing a silly costume, and even a mascot or ten. Other floats feature non-profits, churches, and the local businesses that make up the backbone of the Marana community.


Shriner Cars –What could be more thrilling than people wearing fez hats and driving mini-go carts in tight formation before breaking off to do tricks?


Classic Tractors – Like the horses above, tractors are a key part of Marana’s heritage. The Marana Founders’ Day parade has a wide variety of tractors, most of them classic tractors. Some are quite recognizable as the recent precursors to today’s farming machinery. Most are painted the way they looked when they first hit the farm, while others have been painted a variety of bright colors, including a few all-pink tractors.


Police and Fire – The Marana Police Department and various local fire departments get to display their vehicles during the parade. Who is not taken back to childhood when they see a shiny, red fire engine? The MPD motor patrol are also a highlight as they ride together on their matte black motorcycles, showing off how well they handle the impressive machines.


Cool Cars – Whether you like classic cars, new sports cars, or off-road vehicles, the parade has plenty of  interesting vehicles. These cars are the perfect way to let those being honored in the parade to wave to the crowd, and even drop some goodies to the kids. From Town officials to beauty queens to worthwhile organizations, these slick rides have a little bit of everything.


Crowds/Candy – Happy families coming out to celebrate Founder’s Day is what it is all about. Of course, for the kids it is also about the candy being thrown by man in the parade. Children scramble to collect all the candy and goodies tossed out from the floats and vehicles. From some of Marana’s oldest residents, to tiny little babies who have just begun to make Marana their home, every type of person imaginable comes out to the parade.


Cement Trucks – What’s better than big, rumbly cement trucks? How about a bright pink, big, rumbly cement truck?

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