Town of Marana receives $15 million from WIFA to build treatment plants

On December 12th, the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona (AZWIFA) approved the offer of a $15 million loan to the Town of Marana to address the issue of unregulated compounds.  The final loan agreement documents with AZWIFA will be brought to the Marana Town council most likely in January 2019 for final acceptance.

Marana Water has selected and is currently negotiating a contract with a design engineering firm to begin the process of design for the two advanced water treatment plants.  Each water system (Picture Rocks and Airline/Lambert) will have a treatment plant designed and constructed to significantly reduce or remove the discovered unregulated compounds (PFAs and 1,4-Dioxane).


Town Council approved Resolution No. 2018-091 on Tuesday, September 25 authorizing the creation of the Picture Rocks water treatment campus capital project and the Airline/Lambert water treatment campus capital projects. View the proposed project timeline here.

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