As construction winds down, remember to Shop Ina

Between the Ina Road Interchange Project and the Ina Road Beautification Project, things have been very busy on Ina Road between I-10 and Thornydale. There is light at the end of the tunnel and things are going to get better in a hurry, but area businesses are still feeling the pinch and could use the public’s support.

Project Ina Signs.jpg

One major component of the Ina Beautification Project was the milling and resurfacing of a long stretch Ina Road. While the improved roadway will benefit all of those who live, work, and shop in the area, it also causes a number of delays and difficulties for drivers. There was no convenient time to do the project, but the decision was made to do that portion of the project during the larger Project Ina work and before the holiday shopping season began. Knowing that traffic delays were an unavoidable portion of the project, it seemed best to piggy back with the existing interchange project, rather than wait until after the project was completed and extend construction in the area even longer.

The good news is that the resurfacing portion of the project was completed on Monday, November 4, which will make travelling in the area easier. The previous week was the worst of the project and from now until spring 2019 when the projects are completed, things will get incrementally better.


Although travelling in the area can still be difficult at times, local businesses have remained open and need customer support now more than ever. While many have made it through the construction with only small losses in revenue, others have been hit hard during the project and need a strong holiday season to make it until the project is completed and access to the freeway is restored. 

The Project Ina area includes a wide variety of businesses, from craft breweries to mechanics, a bowling alley to restaurants. There are all kinds of shops and stores, and with the final repaving of Ina, access is improved.

We invite you to Shop Ina and support these locally owned businesses. Go get an oil change or a beer. Go buy some cookies or take the family out to dinner. Buy a dozen donuts or a dozen tacos. Heck, make it two dozen.

We understand travel in the area can still be difficult, but it is getting better. Let’s help our fellow Marana business owners this holiday season and Shop Marana.

A full list of area businesses, as well as project updates and details, download the Project Ina App.