Marana Police Department issues fitness challenge

The Bod Pod will be used to measure body fat and lean muscle mass. 

The Bod Pod will be used to measure body fat and lean muscle mass. 

The Marana Police Department believes they are the fittest public safety agency in Southern Arizona and are willing to prove it. Marana PD has issued an open challenge to see who can gain the most muscle, and lose the most body fat.

Marana PD issued the Pride 4 the Patch “Fit 4 Duty, Fit 4 Life” Fitness Challenge on Facebook, and already a number of surrounding public safety agencies have accepted. The response has been so well received that they are hoping to expand the challenge next year, possibly statewide based on the feedback from Marana PD Sgt. Scott: “We have had some agencies from the Phoenix area tell us they want in.”

On Tuesday and Wednesday, participants will have their body fat and muscle mass measured as a baseline via a Bod Pod examination. Three months later, participants will again be tested a final time and learn how much fat they have lost and how much muscle they have gained.

“This is an excellent gauge of physical fitness,” Scott said. “It is more than just losing pounds; we are measuring actual fat lost and muscle gained.”

MPD is encouraging first responders to maintain healthy levels of fitness. As a matter of historical fact, first responders are prone to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and myriad other health related problems. Providing them with the tools necessary to combat these issues will place them on the right track to enjoying long and healthy lives both during and after their career in public safety.

Three sworn personnel from each agency with the highest percentage of change from their baseline measurements will be counted as ambassadors for their agencies towards the competition. The agency with the overall highest percentage of change is the winner, and will rightfully claim the “Championship Belt” for the year. The belt will be displayed at the winning agencies headquarters.

As of Friday afternoon, personnel from Marana PD, Oro Valley PD, Tucson PD, Sahuarita PD, AZ DPS, Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Golder Ranch Fire District, Northwest Fire District, Pima Regional SWAT, Tucson FD, US Probation-Tucson Office, Pima County Sheriff’s Department-Corrections, University of Arizona PD, Pima Community College PD, and Pascua Yaqui PD have committed to this challenge. They anticipate over 160 personnel from the various agencies participating.