Marana News: Possible changes to Sun Shuttle could have impacts

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Danyelle Khmara of the Marana News wrote a story on the proposed changes to bus routes on Marana. 

Sun Shuttle service is proposing changes to three routes in Marana due to low ridership. The changes won’t leave anyone without access to public transportation, but could make it more costly and time-consuming for the select few who use those routes.

Sun Shuttle rider and Town of Marana employee Kurt Schmidt rides the 413, and said it’s always struggled to be on time because it gets caught up at its southern leg by Regency Plaza. 

Schmidt prefers riding the bus to driving. He said gives him a little down time in his busy day to read. He thinks the proposed changes may have some good outcomes but also some problems, namely making public transportation harder for some low-income residents.

“The Sun Shuttle routes that serve the Town of Marana are pretty important for people who don’t have the ability to get from point A to B without public transportation,” he said.

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