Bridgework a part of Ina Interchange Project

The Town of Marana and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) are working together to build a new bridge on Ina Road traversing the Santa Cruz river. The Ina Interchange project, and the challenges to traffic that it presented, seemed like a perfect time for the Town and ADOT to partner on the bridge project.

This month they will begin pouring a new bridge deck over the Santa Cruz. That new bridge will be two lanes and upon its completion, all traffic will be diverted to it so that crews can demolish the existing bridge and begin construction of a new, second two-lane bridge. When the entire bridge project is completed Ina Road from I-10 to Silverbell will be expanded to two lanes in each direction, equaling the number of lanes on the east side of I-10.

The decision to build two lanes at a time will mean there will be very few traffic restrictions. While the first bridge is being built, traffic will continue to travel over the current two-lane bridge as has been the norm.

In addition to the bridge there will be some work done on the trail that runs under the bridges as well as efforts taken to make sure the bats that live in the area have their habitat maintained.