Summer Schooling 2017, Pt. 7: Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

This week I am wrapping up my internship with the Town of Marana and next week I will begin my senior year at ASU. This is a sentimental time in my life and as I depart from the Town, I look forward to what the future has in store. I would like to give a special thank you to the wonderful staff at Town Hall who have taken the time to make me feel part of the team and show me firsthand how a municipality operates.  During this internship I was able to learn about the profession of public administration, explore the past, present, and future of Marana, and have a blast doing so!

I have learned how the water department manages to stay afloat with their constant stream of business and regularly changing regulations. I watched the Marana Airport’s projects take off as they plan huge improvements. I was able to observe the Town learn new tricks as they began offering Animal Services for their furry four-legged residents.  I witnessed the professionalism and dedication the Police Department displays on a daily basis as they patrol the Town. I was able to spend a day with the finance department who invest their time to ensure public tax dollars are being used responsibly. Overall I was able to learn from a dedicated Town staff that shows up every day with the goal of serving the public.

For my final project I will be coming back down to represent Marana at the Arizona League of Cities and Towns. This event hosts mayors and councilmembers from all across the State of Arizona and there is an unspoken competition between the other municipalities (as well as former intern-led Marana booths) to have the best booth at the conference. Since day one I have been searching for how to best represent the Town and after three months I feel confident that Marana will have the most memorable booth. Without giving too much away, we will be celebrating Marana’s 40th Anniversary while highlighting Marana’s unique businesses. Luckily the Town is filled with dedicated workers who are constantly lending a helping hand and want to help make it a success. As I sign off on my final blog I would like to thank you for accompanying me along my adventure here at the Town of Marana! –Thomas Prior

Thomas Prior is a Management Intern with the Town of Marana who is learning about all facets of local government.. He is currently a senior at Arizona State University’s Barrett the Honors College pursuing a Bachelors in Public Service & Public Policy with a Business Minor.