First portion of Marana Road Realignment underway

The Town of Marana has begun work on the initial stages of the Marana Road Realignment/Marana Main Street projects. The project will not only help with the eventual realignment of Marana Road near I-10, but also begins the push to developing Marana Main Street into a downtown district.

This portion of the project began in July and is scheduled to conclude in December.

One key aspect of the project is the construction of a traffic circle on Sandario Road. This traffic circle will serve as the entry point to Main Street, as well as help with safety on Sandario Road. Work began on the traffic circle in July and that portion of the project is due to be completed in late October.

Because of the work being done on Sandario, a detour was established for motorists. Residential motorists can take the detour just south of the McDonald’s or at Denny Street. Commercial vehicles will need to take the frontage road down to McDuff Road and then over to Grier Road.

During the projects all area businesses on Sandario are remaining open and will be accessible from Sandario, even with the detour in place.

The other portion of the project is the construction of the Marana Road tie-in to the west of the traffic circle. The new roadway will provide access from Marana Road down to the traffic circle. This will allow travelers to access Sandario Road without having to stop at the Marana/Sandario intersection that can become quite busy with freeway traffic.

Work on this roadway is scheduled to conclude in December.