#ProjectIna: Santa Cruz Bridge Construction Underway

While crews work to construct a new overpass at Ina Road over I-10, a concurrent major project is also occurring just a little to the west. The reconstruction of the Santa Cruz Bridge, also managed by the Arizona Department of Transportation, coincides with the Ina Road overpass project so as to minimize long-term traffic disruptions. So what's happening in and above the Santa Cruz? ADOT photographers are excited to give you a peak behind the scenes.

Managing water flow throughout the project is a chief concern at this site.

Heavy machinery and equipment, like this, show why access to the Santa Cruz Shared-Use Path is restricted throughout the project.

Help keep this site safe for everyone by always driving within the speed limit and following the directions of all construction personnel. 

Want to see more photos of the site? Check out ADOT's multimedia page for images and videos of a variety of activities throughout this project.