Marana Municipal Court will hold warrant resolution court on Saturday April 8 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Pima Consolidated Court

The Marana Municipal Court will participate in a warrant resolution court at the Pima County Consolidated Justice Court, located at 240 N. Stone Avenue on April 8 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

At this event, judges from all Tucson area courts will be available to assist people with the resolution of outstanding warrants and other pending court matters.

Many of the outstanding warrants issued by these courts are for failure to appear in court on prior charges or for non-compliance with court sentencing orders.  Outstanding warrants often result in the suspension of a person’s driver’s license, and possible incarceration. Warrant Resolution Court will be an opportunity to quash these warrants and have driver’s licenses reinstated by the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicles Division.

Assistance setting up payment plans or re-establishing a payment plan already in place will also be available. 

Past events have been attended by more than 3,775 persons where 729 warrants have been quashed and 545 driver’s license suspensions have been lifted.   

Although walk-ins are welcome, those with outstanding warrants are strongly encouraged to call the court in advance to ensure prompt resolution.  Individuals with warrants or driver’s license suspension issued from Marana Municipal Court should call (520) 382-2700.  Individuals with warrants or driver’s license suspensions issued from Pima County Justice Court should call (520) 724-3171. 

Please contact the Marana Municipal Court at or at (520) 382-2700 for information.