Marana hosts pesticide safety training

Pesticide Training.JPG

On Thursday, December 7, Marana Parks and Recreation hosted a special all-day training at the Recreation Community Center for Herbicide/Pesticide Application. 

The training was provided by the Arizona Department of Agriculture, Office of Pesticide Management. There are 65 maintenance professionals from throughout Southern Arizona participating in this specialized training. 
"We are placing a major emphasis on staff training and are looking at opportunities to host various trainings at our facilities," said Marana Parks and Rec Director Jim Conroy. "These trainings will professionally develop Marana staff and strengthen the overall Marana team."

The training was provided by Wilbur-Ellis for the Arizona Department of Agriculture Office of Pest Management’s Continuing Education Units (CEU).

The training will help both Marana Parks and Rec employee and those who utilize their facilities to be safer. The training was specifically beneficial to employees who handle and apply pesticides to perform their duties in a safer manner.

Among the topics covered in the training include the safe handling and mixing of pesticides, what to do if one becomes exposed to pesticides, and environmental impacts of pesticides.