Marana News: Marana prepares for El Tour


The Marana News previewed Marana's 28-Mile Segment of the El Tour de Tucson. 

On Saturday, Nov. 18, Marana’s Heritage River Park will be host to food trucks, music and event booths in a festive send off for hundreds of cyclists beginning one of the largest bike-riding events in the nation, El Tour de Tucson. 

“Recreation is an important part of a healthy community,” said Interim Town Manager Jamsheed Mehta. “And we take having fun very seriously.”

While Marana has always been involved with the larger El Tour de Tucson process, it only began hosting its own leg of the race two years ago. The section fits well with Marana’s health-conscious, outdoorsy ethos, as all new roads built in the city are equipped with bike lanes.

“It’s just a great event for our community,” Marana mayor Ed Honea said. “People wear colorful outfits and helmets, and even if they don’t plan on finishing the whole event, they ride their bikes for a little while just to join in the fun.”

In addition to the thousands of pedaling legs, there are multiple legs to the event: cyclists can choose to ride distances of 106, 76, 54, 37 or Marana’s stretch, the shortest, of 28 miles. 

“I feel fortunate we have the shortest leg of the race,” Honea said. “It makes things available for families and non-professionals. Moms, dads and kids can all ride together.”

There will be booths run by a local bike shop, healthy food options and a craft station for families to make signs supporting the cyclists.

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