Marana in the Media: Marana budget in good shape


Danyelle Khmara of the Marana News re-capped the Town's 2017 fiscal year budget.

While larger and older Pima County municipalities struggle to stay afloat, Marana’s preliminary year-end budget shows the town is riding high, with $2.04 million in the black. The town even did slightly better than its neighbors in Oro Valley, who ended the year with a $1.9 million surplus in their general budget.

Marana ended fiscal year 2017 collecting $42.8 million in revenue, 104 percent of the budgeted amount. The $1.6 million surplus was largely due to revenue from licenses, fees and permits, one of the town’s big three revenue sources.

That revenue stream continued its upward trend of 8.3 percent yearly, and finished at 120 percent of the anticipated budget, or $4.8 million in revenue. Single-family residential permits are a large part of that fund. Marana budgeted for 550 permits but ended the year with 687—23 percent higher than the previous fiscal year. 

The first quarter of fiscal year 2018 has already seen 188 single-family residential permits, exceeding the upward yearly trend.

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