Test yourself at the Wild Burro Dirt Dash

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The sport of trail running is gaining popularity. The sport is not unlike cross country, but cranked up a notch. Marana Parks and Rec will be hosting their first trail run when they put on the Wild Burro Dirt Dash on Sunday, October 22.

The race is a a grueling 18.1 K on a one-of-a-kind single-track course. If you can handle it, this race will force you through massive elevation gains, extreme downhills, and many technical sections. Endurance levels are guaranteed to be pushed while immersing you in beautiful desert views that do not disappoint. 

Whether you are an experienced runner or hiker, or have partaken in trail running, this is a great way to experience Marana's Tortolita Trail system like never before.

Why is trail running becoming so popular? For one thing there are fewer injuries. Although the terrain can change, and there are elevation changes, the running surfaces are actually softer than asphalt or concrete.

Many runners find trail running to be more mentally relaxing. Being out in nature and away from civilization can be a great way to reduce stress. This is one reason these hiking trails have become so popular. The concept is the same, though you’ll be running these trails and trying to win a race. Many trail runners also love the fact that they are getting off the road ans away from all of that car exhaust and pollution.

Just like Marana’s road races, there is electronic timing, a race big, and finish line snacks, but new to this event is a custom participation metal featuring our Wild Burro mascot.

Space is limited as this event is exclusively for the first 250 registered participants. Register. Gear Up. Lets Go!


Check-in: 7:30 AM
Race Time: 9 AM
Early Reg: $40 (expires Oct. 1) / Late Reg: $45