Summer Schooling, Part 4: Events in Marana Demand Tremendous Teamwork

This past week has been the last of my scheduled department follows.  The whole month has been an excellent experience and a hard core cram session into what it takes to make a municipality successful.   Along the way I have gained a better understanding of the individual aspects that are needed to make a whole team dedicated to public service.  Thank you to everyone that allowed me to tag along in order to give me a glimpse of your talent and expertise.  As a longtime resident, I have always appreciated the roads and schools and businesses, but I never noticed or appreciated the people responsible for making Marana unique and setting it apart from the other municipalities in the area.   Thank you!

My last rounds were with the communications and events team, parks and rec, and public works.  Much of what was going on in these departments was getting ready for the Fourth of July celebration.  These departments are by no means the only ones that helped out, but they were responsible for the bulk of the planning and execution. 

I encourage everyone to get involved and enjoy the many opportunities the Town provides us for recreation and community gatherings.  Did you know the Town has four signature events it hosts?  Obviously there is the Star Spangled Spectacular, but there is also the Cotton Festival, a Holiday Festival and Christmas Tree Lighting, and Founders Day.  All of these events are family oriented and help strengthen the bonds that tie the community together.  Check out the Marana Events app for details about how to be involved, promote your business, or just to have a good time.

Parks and Rec also does a fantastic job for the community.  Did you know the pool is free?  That’s an incredible perk and a cheap way to get the family out for a day.  Right now the Movies in Marana are held at the pool; it has been dubbed the “dive in” for the summer.   They have a summer golf league that meets on Friday evenings. There is a disc golf course and parks are all over the place.  They host multiple fun runs and the last leg of the El Tour will start in Marana this year.  Parks and Rec is also responsible for maintaining miles of trails in the Tortolita Mountains. 

My wife and I sometimes complain about finding affordable events and things to do with the family.  This whole time we have not really looked into what the Town itself provides.  I’m sure we are not the only ones who do this, so spread the word and let everyone know that your Town has a lot of ways to have a good time.