Marana Police adds eight new officers in department pinning ceremony

From left to right: Jerry Ysaguirre, Mason Lacaillade, Allicia Caughlin, Dionysius Cazares, Aubrey Lopez, Quan Nguyen, Daniel Nicholas. Not pictured: Jeff Couch

On Wednesday afternoon, officers from across Marana gathered to honor eight new additions to the Town’s police department.  These freshly minted officers have completed the Town’s rigorous police academy and field training program and are now ready to begin their careers as fully trained and qualified officers. 

“Our Police Academy and Field Training program offer a chance to instill our culture in these new officers,” said Chief Terry Rozema as he officiated the ceremony.  “The men and women who go out into Marana wearing this badge are important to this community.”

In a ceremony that opened with a moment of silence, the risks of entering this profession were a focus of Chief Rozema’s comments. “It’s hard to bring people into this profession at a time when it’s scary to be an officer,” he explained. “Everything that’s going on, though, does not change how we conduct ourselves every day.  We treat every person we meet out on the job with total respect.”

Beaming with pride, parents, spouses, and children pinned polished badges on their loved ones.  For Officer Allicia Coughlin, one of MPD’s inductee’s in this ceremony, this accomplishment felt especially meaningful.

“It means everything to me. I’ve wanted to be an officer since I was very young.  My dad was an officer, and I was always impressed with officers’ morale and how they handled themselves,” she said through a broad grin after the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Chief Rozema also took a few moments to congratulate three officers who had recently earned new appointments. Officers Coleman Hunter, Jeff Rowe, Bradley Clifford, and Mike Jost will all become Lead Police Officers. In this position, they will serve as key leaders of patrol units.

As the Marana Police Department grows, the officers and staff who serve the Town’s residents demonstrate outstanding public service. With this pinning ceremony, MPD’s ranks grow and the department welcomes a new class of eager officers, ready to continue this legacy.