Town seeks vendors for Marana start of El Tour de Tucson

On November 19, the Town of Marana will host its own official start for El Tour de Tucson.  This new leg of the route will begin at Heritage River Park in north Marana.  The Town expects approximately 500 riders to register for this start, and will host a small community event where we expect approximately 1000 attendees. The event will begin at approximately 12:00pm and conclude at 2:00pm.

In order to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere, the Town is seeking 3-5 vendors. Due to the small nature of the event we are seeking one vendor for each of the following categories:

  • Coffee
  • Dessert (ice cream, soft serve, funnel cake, etc.)
  • Lunch entrée (burgers, hot dogs, pizza, etc.)
  • Bike shop
  • Other vendors may be accepted based on capacity

Vendors will be accepted as paperwork is submitted. The first vendor in each category to provide all required documentation will be selected for this event.

If you are interested in participating in this event, please complete a Vendor Request Form. These forms are due by 5pm on August 22.

For a complete list of the information required of vendors, please visit