Marana competes in the All-America City 2016 competition

For many months, students, community members, and the staff of the Town of Marana have prepared for the All-America City Award Competition.  Every year, these awards recognize communities across the country who work together to identify and tackle community-wide challenges and achieve uncommon results. For two years in a row, the National Civic League has honored Marana as a finalist for this prestigious award. On June 17-19, Marana's delegation represented our community in Denver, Colorado in an effort to bring him this honor. Learn more about the delegation

Though the Town did not receive the All-America City Award this year, Marana's delegation admirably represented this community. This year, the competition targeted community programs which address the health and well-being of youth. With a performance celebrating many of the outstanding programs offered by Marana Unified School District,  a Spoken Word performance delivered eloquently and enthusiastically by Marana High School's Maddie Miller, and impromptu sing-a-longs on a city bus and in a conference center lobby, the delegation demonstrated how effectively Marana accomplishes that goal. These photos and videos offer a glimpse into the Marana delegation's incredible efforts.  

on the road

The Marana Delegation traveled for 15 hours to Denver, Colorado, and on the way they made several stops to admire the beautiful Colorado scenery. The first stop was at the City of Trinidad for breakfast, and the second was at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. By the time they reached their destination, they were ready to begin rehearsals. 


The Marana Delegation had already practiced for hours back home, but now they were able to run dress rehearsals on the actual competition stage. They continued to run rehearsals until their performance. 


The Marana Delegation had exactly 2.5 minutes to enter the room and setup on stage, and then 10 minutes to give their presentation. This year, the National Civic League wanted to hear from cities that show collaboration in programs that support students to succeed in school and life. The Marana Delegation emphasized the importance of a strong heart, body, and mind in order to succeed. 


After a long day of presentations, the 20 cities had a chance to unwind and get to know each other better during the All-America City Civic Fair and Cultural Entertainment Showcase. The Marana Delegation presented a moving Spoken Word performance followed by a joyful Haitian song. 


Before the opening plenary, the Marana Delegation brought out their instruments and began playing and singing popular radio songs while waiting in the lobby. It didn't take long before other cities wanted to join in, and everyone bonded over music. 


Cities shared program details with one another during the Festival of Ideas. Marana Delegate and Marana principal Tawnya Caldwell presented on the Marana Cares Mobile, a refurbished school bus that serves as a food truck during school holidays, vacations, and summer months. All children under the age of 18 receive free meals, and just this month doctors began conducting free health checks on the bus. Learn more about the Marana Cares Mobile here and here


Despite falling short of the All-America City designation, the Marana Delegation did not come home empty-handed. Filled with community pride and inspiration, the delegation is now eager to begin implementing new ideas in the Marana community. Before going on this Denver adventure, many of the students had little knowledge of local government. Now, they are ready to continue their civic engagement and bring more opportunities to youth in the Marana community. The students will meet with Town staff in the coming months to further develop their ideas and share their unique perspectives. 

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