Summer Schooling 2016, Part 2: Let's Get Chemical

This week’s adventures had me rotating through the water and water reclamation divisions of Marana Water.  The water department has an awesome network of wells, tanks, and pumps that are using cutting edge technology and innovative practices to ensure we have a clean sustainable water supply.  

I don’t want to take anything away from the water guys, but what was really cool was learning about water reclamation. 

That’s right boys and girls, I learned more about sewage in one day than I ever thought I would. For a guy that grew up watching Mr. Wizard and Bill Nye, I was completely fascinated with the whole process because the facility is a giant chemistry set.  It is a smorgasbord of organic processes relying on several different scientific disciplines that result in water that is pathogen- and contaminant-free.  Currently the clean water is released into the Santa Cruz River; however that is going to change soon.

The planned expansion to the water reclamation facility will build upon the existing technology creating a more efficient process that is capable of processing more effluent faster and in a smaller footprint.  Instead of releasing the water back into the Santa Cruz, the reclaimed water will then be allowed to perk into the water table via infiltration basins recharging our water supply and ensuring a sustainable water source for years to come. 

These investments in new infrastructure will provide better services to the residents of Marana.  More importantly, they are key to allowing more businesses, jobs, and amenities to start growing in the area. Investing in a clean, sustainable water supply and expanding our water reclamation system is yet another example of future growth and prosperity in Marana.