Summer Schooling 2016, Part 1: Marana Police are here to make our community better

Like most of you reading this, I live in the Town of Marana.  I shop in Marana, my kids are in MUSD, and now I have accepted an opportunity to work for Marana.  My name is Chris Laria and I am the Town’s newest Management Intern.  I am thrilled to be here and have an opportunity to gain better understanding of what it takes to make a town run.    I hope you don’t mind, but over the next few months, I am going to share my thoughts and experiences with you.

The first month of my internship has me rotating through all of the different departments in the town.    I have met a myriad of people in different positions and levels of authority that are all thrilled to work here.  Everyone has told me the same few things:

“You are going to love working here!”

“Let me know if you need anything at all!”

“Welcome to Marana!”

At first I thought these were the typical greetings you get when starting a new job, but in the short amount of time I have been here it is apparent that those greetings are heartfelt and everyone really is happy to work for the Town and serve the community. 

The men and women that perform the day to day tasks of making our Town run have adopted a set of values that sets them apart from other municipalities.  They are respect, teamwork, dedicated service, and engaged innovation.  While they are all important, I have noticed an emphasis on dedicated service.  Of all the departments I have rotated through so far, this has been the most apparent in the police department.

Last week, I spent two days with the police and it has changed how I think about them.   From the moment I met with the chief to the time I spent on a ride along, I have realized their job is not about giving out tickets, it is about serving us.  They are intelligent, rational, and do far more than keep us safe.  They are here to make our community better. 

I encourage everyone to get involved with some of the programs they offer.  Go on a ride along, spend some time with the Citizens Police Academy, or get the kids involved with the Explorers of Post 77.  These community programs are a fantastic way to get to know the men and women that serve us and learn a little at the same time. 

So the next time your foot goes to the floor board and you see cherries and berries in the rear view mirror, remember they are providing a service to the community.  Have your license, registration and proof of insurance ready and do more than thank a cop, befriend one instead.

Chris Laria is a Management Intern at the Town of Marana in the Town Manager's Office.  He will be writing weekly stories for the Marana Newsroom through the end of August.