Police Activity at Texas Roadhouse in Marana

When a waiter with handcuffs and a badge delivers your Cactus Blossom on Wednesday, April 5, don’t worry.  You’re not about to be arrested, and this isn’t some elaborate April Fools’ prank.  This is the annual Tip-a-Cop event, in which Marana police officers work side by side with the wait staff at Texas Roadhouse.  From 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., diners at the Texas Roadhouse in Marana, located at 8450 N. Cracker Barrel Rd, can enjoy watching Marana’s finest take drink orders and serve up tasty dishes.  As always, be sure to designate a sober driver.  The police will be out in force at this location.

Marana PD Sergeant Will Hess is organizing this year’s event, and he couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity to engage with the public.  “This is a great chance for the public to interact with local law enforcement officers,” says Sgt. Hess. “At the restaurant, patrons can meet officers in a setting of their own choosing.  This environment is conducive to forming strong relationships with the community.”

In addition to facilitating community connections, this evening will also benefit Southern Arizona participants in the Special Olympics.  The proceeds from this event will provide Special Olympians with “the opportunity to participate in activities that we often taken for granted,” says Hess.  “Special Olympians will bowl, run, and swim, but more importantly, they learn teamwork, trust, and perseverance.” 

Many of Marana’s Special Olympians are able to participate through a program at Marana High School.  The 2017 State Summer Games will take place in Glendale, and the athletes from this program will travel up to this region for the festivities.  The dollars raised from the Tip-a-Cop event will help cover their expenses.  Prior to the State Summer Games, law enforcement officers from across the state, including some from Marana, will accompany Special Olympics athletes as they complete the Torch Run that opens the annual games. 

“This event demonstrates so much about the Marana Police Department and our community as a whole,” concludes Hess. “We all love supporting these kids, and we also love letting the community see another side of us.  This event lets us do all that, and we always have a great time.”

Sergeant Hess, Chief Terry Rozema, and everyone in the Marana Police Department hope you will join them for this fun-filled evening.  And of course, don’t forget to leave a generous tip.