Smell something bad in the air? How residents and the Town can work together to snuff out the stench

Smell something rotten in the air? The Town of Marana is on the case, and residents can join in the effort to help snuff out the stink. 

The Town of Marana is aware of ongoing odor issues in the Arizona Pavilions area, and are working through all available channels to address the cause. This particular odor, with its persistence and severity, contradicts the Town's commitment to an excellent quality of life in Marana, and is considered unacceptable. While the Town is not the regulatory agency for air quality complaints (including odors), officials are scheduling meetings with all parties who may be contributing to the odor in the area, and the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) in order to speed the process and achieve satisfactory results. 

Residents are encouraged to join the efforts by contacting PDEQ with specific complaints at (520)724-7432. PDEQ operates programs to monitor air and water quality, hazardous waste, solid waste, and assist in waste minimization and pollution prevention. PDEQ also provides public outreach, education, and citizens' assistance, processes environmental permits, and responds to public complaints and inquiries with investigations and enforcement.

The Town is also welcoming feedback and information from the public that can help address the problem. Specific reports can be filed through the Citizen Feedback form. For general feedback and inquiries, residents can email, or call 520-382-1926.