Marana Awards Spotlight: Teri Makes Her Mark

Photo credit: Marana Rotary Club

Photo credit: Marana Rotary Club

Last fall, Teri Murphy was awarded the Town of Marana Branding Iron Award for her volunteer service in special events.

Both a resident and business owner, Murphy volunteers her time to make Marana a great place to live and work. She enjoys helping Town staff plan, coordinate, and execute fun and engaging special events. Her love for rodeo is evident in her contributions to last year’s Marana Harvest Festival and this year’s upcoming Marana Cotton Festival.  Her passion has driven her to host a number of community rodeo events over many years, helping keep Marana’s heritage alive. 

If there’s one thing about Marana that’s even better than having a resident like Teri, it's that there are many more just like her who give back to the community.

The Branding Iron Award celebrates individuals who have made a "mark" on the community and have made a substantial contribution to the Town.  The Town is now accepting nominations for this year’s award, and urges you to nominate anyone you believe is deserving of this distinction.

Nominations are accepted until end of day September 11, 2015.