Marana 2.0: Policing Includes Lots of Paperwork

By Rebekah Clauer, Police Intern
Senior, Marana High School

Who would’ve thought, after pulling someone over for a traffic stop would include so much paperwork and records keeping? I sure didn’t.. I get to intern for the Marana Police Department, which is perfect and also a great opportunity for me because I am very interested in pursuing a career in the law enforcement field, this month I will be in the Records Unit. Right as I walked into the room I saw stacks and stacks of paperwork on the desks.

The Records Unit is filled with civilian workers in charge of keeping track of all records/asking what happened after the incident. The process just turned electronic which made things easier yet harder for everyone in records. Instead of having to hand-write everything on an incident report (if you’ve seen one before you know they’re very long and detailed) they can now just pull it up on their computers and review it. Records is also involved with the public. They hand out incident reports to the public (obviously only to those who are allowed) but I learned that they also have to black out confidential information. For example, any name of a juvenile said in a report will be blacked out as well as addresses and phone numbers. This is just the beginning of my internship and I’m already learning lots of interesting and new things.

Marana 2.0 is a joint program offered by the Town of Marana and Marana High Schools where students spend a year interning in programs across the Town. Keep checking back with the Marana Newsroom for more updates.