Council Declares Sept. 17-23 “Constitution Week” in Marana

During last Tuesday’s Council meeting, the Marana Town Council declared the week of September 17-23 Constitution Week.  Over 200 years ago, the Framers of the U.S. Constitution crafted a document that would endure through political upheaval, economic trials, and even the Civil War.  That legacy of perseverance is a testament to the Framers’ commitment and idealism.  Today, that same spirit still persists across all levels of government. 

Even in the Town of Marana, it is possible to see how the Constitution affects our government.  When controversies arise, different groups may strongly disagree, but still they engage in a fair, constructive dialogue to resolve disputes.  The Constitution has established in this country this sense of stability and equality for all.  Moreover, the document’s opening lines firmly place it not in a position of authority over citizens, but as a reflection of the citizens themselves.  “We, the people” write this Constitution, and as a result, we control what it says, not the other way around. 

During this week, take a moment to reflect on the meaning and importance of this document.  For more information and resources, visit the Daughters of the American Revolution, who provide a resource page for educational materials, as well as essay contests, scholarships, and other youth opportunities.