State Offers Tax Recovery Program

For the next two months, the Arizona Department of Revenue is offering a tax recovery program, providing a limited-time opportunity for taxpayers to come into compliance with Arizona’s tax laws at a reduced cost.  The goal of this program is to offer relief to those taxpayers who, for whatever reason, underreported or failed to file returns and pay their taxes.  Tax recovery applications must be received by the Department before November 2, 2015, with all tax liability paid with the application.  Taxpayers who meet all the requirements will pay no interest and have no civil penalties imposed. 

The tax types eligible for the tax recovery program are individual and corporate income, transaction privilege (sales), and use.  Audit assessments and collections notices may also qualify for relief under this program.

Who is eligible?

  • Those who failed to file a tax return
  • Taxpayers who have an existing liability for tax due and received a billing or tax notice from the department
  • Taxpayers who failed to report all income or all tax, interest, and penalties that were due
  • Taxpayers who claimed incorrect credits or deductions
  • Taxpayers who misrepresented or omitted any tax due
  • Non-residents or part-year residents who received income that may be taxable in Arizona
  • Out-of-state and multi-state businesses
  • Taxpayers who are under audit and that audit has not become final.

For complete information, visit the Arizona Department of Revenue’s Tax Recovery page.