Town of Marana now accepting nominations for Community Awards

Town of Marana is now accepting nominations for the Youth Legacy Award and Branding Iron Awards. These awards are presented to distinguished residents and businesses for their service in the community. Recipients will be invited to accept their awards at the annual Marana State of the Town luncheon held on April 18 at the Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain.

Youth Legacy Award


The Marana Town Council created the Youth Legacy Award in order to acknowledge youth in the community who make Marana a better place for everyone. Recipients of this award benefit others in the community through acts supporting:

Heart: promoting a healthy and supportive environment for youth;

Body: Fulfilling essential needs such as food, shelter, and safety; or

Mind: Creating educational opportunities enriching young minds. 

The person submitting the nomination cannot nominate himself/herself. Past award recipients are not eligible. The submissions may be awarded in memoriam.

Learn about last year’s recipient.

Branding Iron Awards


Marana Branding Irons are awarded to those who have made a "mark" on the community. Past recipients include former U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, former Mayor Ora Mae Harn, Wheeler & Charlene Abbett, and Sargent Aerospace & Defense. 

  • One in the Individual category (includes an individual resident or non-resident who works in Marana).

  • One in the Organization category (includes civic groups, non-profits, and private businesses)

The person submitting the nomination cannot nominate himself/herself. Past award recipients are not eligible. The submission may be awarded in memoriam.  

Learn about last year’s recipients.

Make Marana 2040: Second round of workshops a success for General Plan update


Workshop Overview

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.29.01 PM.png

The second set of community workshops for the Make Marana 2040 General Plan were held on December 12 and 13, 2018 at 6:00 PM. The December 12th workshop was held at the Marana Municipal Complex and on the workshop on the 13th was held at the Wheeler Taft Abbett Sr. Library. The objectives for this set of workshops were to:

  • Discuss the Map Atlas;

  • Identify transportation priorities; and

  • Develop land use alternatives.

What Happened?

19 people attended the two workshops. Upon arriving, each attendee was asked to identify on a map, generally, where they live or work in Marana. This was done to see what areas of the town were represented in the workshop results. Attendees at the December 12th workshop were primarily from in Dove Mountain and Continental Ranch. Attendees at the December 13th workshop were largely located west of I-10.

The workshop began with a short presentation informing attendees of the status of the General Plan Update, as well as an overview of the Map Atlas. Participants then split into groups to complete two exercises focused on transportation infrastructure and future development. The exercises and results are described on the following pages.

Exercise 1 – Transportation Planning

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.29.46 PM.png

In the transportation planning exercise, each group of participants identified where transportation improvements in Marana should occur. Each group was provided a red marker and various colors of yarn used to represent different transportation improvements.

With the red marker, participants identified future intersection improvements, overpasses / underpasses, and I-10 interchanges. Most improvements were identified near existing I-10 interchanges. A new overpass was identified across the Santa Cruz River near Airline Road and new I-10 interchanges were identified at Moore Road and Avra Valley Road eastward.

Next, future roadway improvements and expansions were identified using one-inch pieces of orange yarn. Each inch of yarn represented one mile on the map. Most groups focused on roadway expansions connecting Dove Mountain Boulevard to I-10. Other expansions were noted at Avra Valley Road and Tangerine Road.

Participants then replaced five of their orange yarn pieces with five one-inch red yarn pieces. The red yarn pieces indicate improvements that should be prioritized. There were mixed results with the red yard, including improvements to Tangerine Road, Twin Peaks Road, and Cortaro Road.

Using yellow yarn, the groups identified new transit corridors throughout the town. Most groups created a circulating transit system through Dove Mountain and connecting the Town Center area, Gladden Farms, and the Marana Regional Airport, as well as Bus Rapid Transit routes along I-10.

Lastly, groups were provided blue yarn to locate future trail corridors. These were identified along Tangerine Road, along the Santa Cruz River, through Dove Mountain, and connections into the Saguaro National Park and Ironwood National Monument.

Photos of the complete Transportation Planning exercise results are shown on the following pages.

Exercise 2 – Scenario Planning

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.30.47 PM.png

The second exercise involved scenario planning in two focus areas: the Marana Regional Airport and the Tangerine Corridor. Both focus areas were gridded into one-inch squares at a scale of 1” = ¼ mile, with each square representing 40 acres. Each group was provided a set amount of LEGO® bricks of various colors, each representing a different land use type as follows:

n 10 yellow bricks for low density residential units (1 du/a or 40 dwelling units)

n 15 orange bricks for medium density residential (5 du/a or 200 dwelling units)

n 5 brown bricks for high density residential (10 du/a or 400 dwelling units)

n 10 red bricks for commercial

n 3 blue bricks for employment

n 8 yellow flowers for community parks

The quantity of bricks was based on future growth projections and assumptions for Marana. Residential bricks were able to be swapped for an equal number of dwelling units. Additionally, four yellow flowers could be swapped for a green brick representing a community recreational facility.

Groups were asked to plan where each brick should be placed within the focus areas. Participants were allowed to stack bricks to increase density and intensity of uses, as well as draw future roadway connections to their envisioned developments. Following is a summary of each groups’ results.

Group 1

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.30.56 PM.png

Group 1 envisioned development on the north side of I-10 near Tangerine Road. The area was comprised of commercial along the highway corridor, high density residential next to the commercial, and then lower density residential further removed from the interstate. A community recreational facility was placed along Tangerine Road placed next to commercial and high density residential .

Employment bricks and a commercial brick were placed near the Marana Regional Airport, envisioning this area as an employment hub.

Group 2

Participants in Group 2 focused most of their commercial uses along Tangerine Road east of I-10. Most residential uses are located in the Tangerine Corridor Focus Area, transitioning from higher densities nearest to I-10 to lower densities westward near Dove Mountain.

This group also clustered development east of the Marana Regional Airport with a mix of employment, commercial, and medium to high density residential uses, as well as a community recreational facility.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.31.03 PM.png

Group 3

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.31.10 PM.png

Group 3 scattered developments across the two focus areas, with the most clustered activity located along Avra Valley Road east of the Marana Regional Airport. This area features a mixed-use center with employment uses nearest to the airport.

The Tangerine Corridor Focus Area contains clusters of medium- to low-density residential subdivisions north of Tangerine Road, near the Moore Road alignment. There are three individual mixed-use centers spread through the focus area, as well as a community recreational facility.

Group 4

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 1.31.17 PM.png

Group 4 created a commercial district east of the Marana Regional Airport, along with a community park. Additionally, this group created a high-density activity hub in the Tangerine Corridor Focus Area, with the highest densities and intensities of uses near the Tangerine Road / I-10 interchange. This cluster of development features two high-intensity commercial districts, a community recreational facility, and three community parks intertwined with high-density and medium-density residential districts within a mile radius of each other. Residential densities decrease as they get farther away from the activity hub.

Overnight closures of Ina Road near I-10 set for Jan. 15 and Jan. 21-25

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 11.16.04 AM.png

Ina Road is scheduled to close overnight between Camino de Oeste and Camino de las Capas for paving and barrier work the following dates:

  • Westbound Ina Road is set to close from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. Tuesday, January 15. 

  • Both directions of Ina Road are set to close from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. nightly from Monday, Jan. 21, through Thursday, Jan. 24.

Ina Road traffic will detour to Camino de las Capas during the closures.

Drivers should proceed through the work zone with caution, slow down and watch for construction personnel and equipment.

Schedules are subject to change based on weather and other unforeseen factors. For more information, please call the ADOT Project Information Line at 855.712.8530 or email For real-time highway conditions statewide, visit ADOT's Traveler Information Site at, follow ADOT on Twitter (@ArizonaDOT) or call 511, except when driving.

Cherry Lawson appointed Marana Town Clerk


Town Manager Jamsheed Mehta has appointed Cherry Lawson as Marana Town Clerk effective Monday, January 14.

Lawson was educated in the Detroit Public School system. She received an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Human Service and Disabilities from Highland Park Community College. She received a BA in Psychology and a BS in Criminal Justice Science from Wayne State University in Detroit, later receiving her MS/MPA from Central Michigan University. 

Lawson is currently pursuing the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) designation of a professional manager, and is in the final application stages of receiving the International Institute of Municipal Clerk (IIMC) Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) designation. She is also pursuing credentialing as a Certified Records Manager through the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM). 

Lawson has served as a City Clerk/Elections Administrator and Records Manager for 18 years. Her previous titles include City Clerk for the City of Bloomington, as well as the City Clerk, Elections Administrator, Records Manager, and Cemetery Administrator for the City of Mesquite, Nevada, and as City Clerk and Records Manager for the City of Sedona.

Lawson has had a career in community mental health as a youth counselor/advocate for over 15 years.  Being a public servant was the career path Cherry wanted to pursue, as she saw it as an extension of being able to continue to serve the public beyond the community mental health field. 

“The Town of Marana is very fortunate to welcome Cherry onboard as the new Town Clerk,” said Mehta. “Her extensive experience will greatly attribute to the Town’s success as she upholds the department’s mission to provide excellent customer service to the staff and citizens of the Town of Marana.”

Isaac Abbs appointed Technology Services Director for Town of Marana

Isaac Abbs.jpg

Town Manager Jamsheed Mehta has appointed Isaac Abbs as Technology Services Director effective Monday, January 14.

Isaac Abbs previously served as the Director of IT Enterprise Systems for Pima Community College (PCC), where he provided leadership and oversight for the College’s administrative and academic information systems.  He and his team were instrumental in looking for new ways to enhance business processes by properly aligning business needs with technology solutions. 

Prior to working at PCC, Isaac served in various roles with the City of Tucson for seven and a half years.  His last position was as the City Court’s first IT Manager.

“We are very fortunate to have Isaac on board here at the Town,” said Deputy Town Manager Erik Montague. “Isaac brings a diverse technology skill set from a multi-campus college setting.  Those experiences will be very helpful as we continue advancing the use of technology to enhance the value of Town services.”

Make Marana 2040: Third round of workshops seek input from the public

Marana PostCard_WS3_2019.01.10.jpg

Building a town or city isn’t just an idea. Be a part of building your own community with the Town of Marana General Plan 2040. 

Town of Marana is hosting the third round of Marana 2040 General Plan public workshops on Wednesday, January 23 at the Marana Municipal Complex, and on Thursday, January 24 at Wheeler Taft Abbett Sr. Library.

Attendance is not required for both nights. Participants can choose between the two options to attend.

Attendees will have the opportunity to provide their input on a variety of policy alternatives relating to future growth, housing, transportation, parks and recreation, services, and the environment.

Interested in seeing the results of the first workshop and survey? Click here.

Interested in seeing the results of the second workshop? Click here.

Visit the official Make Marana 2040 project website.

Marana named one of the state's top-10 cities to live in

Community photos 2010 083.jpg

For the fourth straight year Marana was named one of Arizona's top-10 cities to live in by, a website that uses recent data to paint a picture of what’s happening in a region.

Marana was ranked as the No. 10 Best City to Live In by the website. Marana was also ranked at the No. 8 Richest City in Arizona and the No. 13 Safest City in Arizona.

The website ranked each place in Arizona across a number of criteria from one to 54, with one being the best. Next, they took the average rank across all criteria, with the city posting the lowest overall score being crowned the winner of the title “Best Place To Live In Arizona”.

The criteria they used were:
Median Home Values
Median Income
Population Density (Higher better)
Unemployment Rate
Commute Time
Education Levels
Health Insurance Coverage
Poverty rates

Sources of criteria include the New Census Data and FBI Crime Data.

According to the website, “In Marana, everyone loves to call Marana home.”

The Town also earned an 8.5 SnackAbility Ranking, which looks at eight different metrics and scores then on a 1-10 score. Marana scored 8.0 or better in seven of the metrics, and earned 9.0’s for Diversity and Education. The score of 8.5 puts Marana in the top-20 percent of all communities in America. tries to paint a picture of what it's like to live in places across America. To do that, they gather data from around the web to help determine a wide array of factors about where people live including safety, desirability, and culture.

Full story

Egg Nog Jog kicks off a year of great races + Photo Gallery


Every year the Town of Marana kicks of the new year with their January 1st Egg Nog Jog, and every year the Town’s Parks and Recreation Department invites residents to #RunMarana.

The Town offers a variety of ways to run and hike. Whether you like 10Ks, fun runs, or running on the trails, Marana has a race for you.

The Egg Nog Jog is just one of three holiday themed races. May will bring the Mother’s Day 5k and Fun Run, while next November will see the Town host the next installment of the Turkey Trot.

This year we are adding a few new events to the slate. On March 9 Marana will host the first Cape Chase, which the first of its kind Superhero Adaptive fun run. This is a race for anyone and everyone who is ready to reveal their secret identities and conquer our course full of obstacles.

On May 9 the first Marana Meltdown will take place. The Meltdown is a Mountain Bike Time Trial on the Tortolita Preserve.

In addition to the races, there are other great opportunities to take in the great trails in Marana. There are monthly guided hikes and horseback rides and on March 2 the MOVE Across 2 Ranges, where hikers are invited to hit the trails and experience the challenge and beauty of Southern Arizona's premier hiking destinations in the Tortolita and Catalina Mountains all in one day.

For more information on these and all of the Marana Parks and Recreation events and activities CLICK HERE.

Town seeking event photographer for 2019

Every year, Town of Marana opens a request for quotes (RFQ) process for event photography and videography services for the calendar year.

Click here to learn how to apply and submit your quotes for the 2019 event series.

Interested parties should submit their formal quotes by end of day Thursday, January 31, 2019 to Communications Manager Vic Hathaway by email: to be considered.

Photos by JD FItzgerald.

Photographs from events will be used in marketing materials including webpages, social media, digital advertisements, newspaper print advertisements, and the annual special events book.

Learn more about Town special events.

Flashing lights bring holiday joy at Banner-Diamond Children's Medical Center


Region-wide public safety agencies teamed up Thursday, December 27 to bring flashing lights to the children at Banner-Diamond Children’s Medical Center. Many of these children were unable to make it home to spend Christmas with their loved ones.

Officers parked on the top deck of the parking garage, and the children could look outside and see the light show from the medical tower. Additionally, officers were able to visit with children in their rooms and pass out police patches, stickers, and chat with the families. Thank you to the Banner child life specialists and Banner security for navigating officers through the hospital and from room to room.

Sergeant Chriswell Scott was in the hospital with the children during the light show.

“The look of pure delight in the children’s eyes as they looked out the window of the medical tower to the array of police  and fire emergency lights below will never be forgotten,” said Scott. “In that moment in time, it didn’t matter to them that they were hooked up to an IV or battling cancer or some other disease or injury, they got to be children again. The parents’ eyes lit up as well when they saw the joy that their children were experiencing. I was really a special moment.”

Thank you to Marana PD, Tucson PD, Oro Valley PD, Pima County Sheriff’s Dept, Pima Community College PD, University of Arizona PD, Union Pacific Railroad PD, Tucson Airport Authority PD, Tucson Fire, and US Border Patrol and Customs for their participation in this worthwhile endeavor. Marana PD Ofc. Gabe Tapia and Tucson PD Ofc. Leticia Parris took lead in coordinating the event.

“it really puts the concept and practice of “public servant” in perspective,” said Scott. “If we aren’t seeking out ways  to serve and help our community, we are doing policing wrong.”

Photos credit: JD Fitzgerald viia Tucson PD Air Support

RELEASE: Public Works crews to de-ice bridges in preparation of freezing temperatures

MARANA - In preparation of freezing temperatures, crews from the Town of Marana Public Works Department Streets Division have initiated de-icing of Town bridge decks to make sure they are free of ice, and are safe for motorists to drive over. Due to frequent weather changes, there will be no scheduled traffic alerts throughout the season, but motorists should always be aware of their surroundings and of crews working around the bridge deck crossings. Motorists are also advised to always drive with caution when the possibility of ice exists on the bridge.

Town crews will place “Wet Road Ahead” signs at bridge entrances and spray magnesium chloride on the bridge decks. Magnesium chloride lowers the freezing temperature of water and prevents ice from bonding on a bridge deck.  A light coating of magnesium chloride produces no negative effects on ground water, surface water or vegetation.  Magnesium chloride is an effective ice suppressant agent lasting for approximately 10 days. Rainfall diminishes its effectiveness.  

When temperatures warrant, six (6) Town bridge decks are sprayed and monitored throughout the evening and into the early morning to make sure ice has not formed at the bridge crossings.

Bridge Spraying Areas:

  • Cortaro Road. at Santa Cruz

  • Twin Peaks Road at Santa Cruz

  • Ina Road at Santa Cruz

  • Avra Valley Road Box Culvert West of Clayton Rd

  • Sanders Road at Santa Cruz River

  • Thornydale Road at CDO Wash

Town of Marana receives $15 million from WIFA to build treatment plants

On December 12th, the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona (AZWIFA) approved the offer of a $15 million loan to the Town of Marana to address the issue of unregulated compounds.  The final loan agreement documents with AZWIFA will be brought to the Marana Town council most likely in January 2019 for final acceptance.

Marana Water has selected and is currently negotiating a contract with a design engineering firm to begin the process of design for the two advanced water treatment plants.  Each water system (Picture Rocks and Airline/Lambert) will have a treatment plant designed and constructed to significantly reduce or remove the discovered unregulated compounds (PFCs and 1,4-Dioxane).


Town Council approved Resolution No. 2018-091 on Tuesday, September 25 authorizing the creation of the Picture Rocks water treatment campus capital project and the Airline/Lambert water treatment campus capital projects. View the proposed project timeline here.

Learn more about unregulated compounds and Marana Water quality.

Visit the Project Water capital project page.


Two upcoming opportunities to meet your Town Council


Marana residents have two opportunities to meet their Town Council in early 2019 as part of the Council Connections event series. The public is invited to meet and mingle at two fun locations:

Home Plate Marana

Date: Wednesday, January 9

Time: 5-6:30 P.M.

Address: 8579 N. Silverbell Road | Marana, AZ 85743

Light refreshments will be provided.

Brought to you in partnership with Home Plate Marana.

Ora Mae Harn District dog park

Date: Saturday, February 9

Time: 1-3 P.M.

Address: 13250 N. Lon Adams | Marana, AZ 85653

Featuring Doggy Ice Cream Social

  • Free rabies vaccinations for Marana resident dogs

  • On-site dog licensing

Brought to you in partnership with Humane Society of Southern ARizona

EPA awards Arizona $30.8 million for drinking water and wastewater projects

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded more than $30.8 million to Arizona for drinking water and wastewater infrastructure improvements.

“These funds will be used for numerous local projects that will boost the economy while improving water systems,” said EPA Pacific Southwest Regional Administrator Mike Stoker. “EPA is committed to investing in local infrastructure to benefit the communities we serve.”

The state’s Clean Water SRF, also administered by WIFA, received almost $11 million to support a variety of water infrastructure improvement projects, including The Town of Marana project to design and construct a new lift station and force main to convey sewage from the Adonis Neighborhood to the existing Town of Marana municipal system. Currently the sewage flows into two over-capacity lagoons, running the risk of overflowing in wet weather, potentially causing an environmental and health hazard. Once the project is completed, the sewage from the neighborhood will be treated at the recently completed Marana Water Reclamation Facility, allowing Marana to reuse the water in various ways.

MPD FOCUS: Lock it or Lose it


As the holiday season kicks off, be extra mindful of your surroundings and your belongings. Here are a few safety tips to help you through the holiday season safely:


  • REMOVE your valuables from vehicles

  • Don't leave packages visible through vehicle windows

  • Secure packages in the trunk when possible

  • Pay attention to your surroundings when walking to your vehicle

  • Don't leave your purse unattended in your cart (use purse strap to secure purse to cart)

  • ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings

  • ALWAYS lock your vehicle

  • DO NOT leave valuables or firearms in vehicles

  • Be mindful of boxes that can be seen from an open garage door indicating new purchases

  • Verify ALL outside lighting is functional

  • Report ANY and ALL suspicious activity

  • Non-emergency (520)682-4032

  • TAKE Your keys


  • ALWAYS secure your garage door and close it at night

  • Do not leave your vehicle open when unloading items

  • Schedule delivery of internet purchases when someone is home

  • Make sure vehicles parked on the property are locked and free of tempting items

  • Trim the vegetation to the front of the house

  • Leave the porch light on

  • Let a trusted friend or relative know when you're out of town so they can check your residence

Volunteers help keep Marana safe for shoppers


The Marana Police Department is doing a number of things to try and make this Holiday Shopping Season a safe one for shoppers, workers, and businesses. They recently launched their “Lock It or Lose It” campaign, have increased patrols on heavy shopping days, and begun utilizing their Volunteers in Police Service  (VIPS) to add an added law enforcement presence.

“The whole point of the program is to build a stronger partnership with local businesses,” said Officer David Danielson of the Community Resource Unit. “We already have a great relationship, but this will provide a stronger one-on-one relationship.”

The VIPS have been going on foot patrols in retail areas and their presence serves many purposes. By being visible they want to make sure shoppers feel safe and act as a deterant for would-be criminals.

The foot patrols walk both inside and outside of businesses, talking to customers, employees, and business owners. Their primary job is to serve as the eyes and ears of the Marana Police Department. If they see something suspicious in the store they can report it to store employees, or if the suspicious party leaves the store, they can radio Marana Police Officers to interact with the suspect.

“If we do see something suspicious we report it,” said Tom Cox, a member of the VIPS Foot Patrol.

The VIPS members are also introducing business owners to the Coalition Against Retail Theft  (CART) program, which aims to reduce shoplifting by educating retailers, consumers and perpetrators about our community’s intolerance for organized retail theft.

“It helps the business community curb shoplifting,” Cox said.


The VIPS Foot Patrol is a new unit and so far the program has been a hit with local businesses. The idea was to utilize these trained volunteers to create an added police presence, without having to take actual Marana Police Officers away from their other duties.

With every VIPS member having a radio connected to police dispatch, an MPD officer is just a call away.

Cox said to date “100 percent” of the businesses have embraced the program and welcome the added law enforcement presence in the area.

Although this version of the VIPS Foot Patrol program is new, the VIPS have been patrolling neighborhoods and businesses for years.

“Our VIPS has been a tremendous asset for the Marana Police Department,” said Danielson. “

This story originally ran in 2017.

MPD Holiday Patrols


The Marana Police Department is working hard this holiday shopping season to keep people safe. For over two decades MPD has increased their holiday patrols to help keep shoppers, as well as those working over the holiday shopping season, safe.

Until December 26, MPD has increased their patrols in high traffic shopping areas, as well as utilizing their VIP’s. The idea is that the presence of law enforcement officers will deter would-be criminals, as well as remind shoppers to utilize safe shopping practices.

It is a proactive approach that MPD believes deters crime, as well as makes businesses and shoppers more aware of their surroundings during the Holiday Season. Just because there are more officers on the street, shoppers are also advised to do their part.

“Be aware of your surroundings,” said Sgt. Chriswell Scott, who also encouraged people to report anything suspicious.

Extra officers will be patrolling popular shopping areas like the Arizona Pavilions, the Tucson Outlet Mall and the Ina/Thornydale corridor. Officers will be visible in marked cars, but will also be in unmarked cars, keeping an eye on last-minute shoppers.

The patrols will continue until the 26th of December, to help keep shopper safe as they make returns and exchanges the day after Christmas.

Tucson News Now had a good story on the patrols, as well as safety efforts shoppers can take.

KGUN 9 profiled MPD’s efforts in 2017 for their news broadcast.  

Fun and family at the first Winter Waterland


Marana Parks and Recreation host their first Winter Waterland event on Friday night and it was a success. The event was held at Crossroads at Silverbell District Park and utilized the park’s two newest features, the splash pad and the solar/shade structure over the basketball courts. 

While the splash pad is closed for the winter, the nightly light shows continue. Winter Waterland was the debut of the new holiday colored light show. Jets of green and red water shot up in interesting patterns that elicited a few “oohs” and “ahs” from those in attendance.

The new solar/shade structure over the basketball courts not only provides shade for basketball players during the day, but the lights illuminate the courts at night. On Friday night one of the courts provided a perfect place for many of the features of the event. Both food vendors were set up in the area, and there were plenty of picnic tables set up to enjoy the tasty BBQ and ice cream. The Marana Police VIP’s handed out stuffed animals to every child in attendance, while the Marana Senior Program’s Elf Shoppe also found a home on the courts. The Elf Shoppe raised over $550 for the Marana Community Foodbank by selling handmade crafts and Christmas ornaments.

Santa showed up. He dropped in from the North Pole to kick off the water light show countdown and then stayed around to hear Christmas wishes and take pictures with the families.

The VFW and Boy Scouts handed over 200 cups of hot cocoa in less than 20 minutes. All 325 parking spots were filled and the crowed enjoyed free crafts, food vendors, an outdoor Christmas movie and stage entertainment that included the Silver Steppers Flash Mob, Girl Scouts Carolers, and the Point of Grace Dancers.

Overall, it was an evening jam-packed with holiday cheer.  One attendee took to Facebook to comment, “Thank you for putting on such an amazing family friendly fun event. You guys never cease to amaze me.”

Overnight lane closures set for I-10 on Dec. 16

Overnight lane closures set for Interstate 10 near Ina Road on Dec. 16

Motorists who use Interstate 10 near Ina Road should expect overnight lane closures in both directions the night of Sunday, Dec. 16.


I-10 will be reduced to a single lane in each direction between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. so crews can move temporary concrete barriers.

Drivers should proceed through the work zone with caution, slow down and watch for construction personnel and equipment.

Schedules are subject to change based on weather and other unforeseen factors. For more information, please call the ADOT Project Information Line at 855.712.8530 or email For real-time highway conditions statewide, visit ADOT's Traveler Information Site at, follow ADOT on Twitter (@ArizonaDOT) or call 511, except when driving.