Medical Insurance

The Town of Marana offers three medical plan choices through Cigna, the Copper Plan, the Teal Plan, and the Heritage Plan (a High Deductible Plan with a Health Savings Account (HD/HSA)). The Copper Plan is an Open Access PPO plan which offers in and out of network benefits. The Teal Plan  and Heritage plans are also Open Access PPO plans but only provide in-network benefits, which means physicians, facilities or other health care professionals who belong to the Cigna network.  You have the freedom of visiting any doctor nationwide as long as they are in the Cigna network.  

The Heritage Plan is a high deductible health plan which includes a Health Savings Account (HSA) benefit. The Town will make contributions to this account. Employees who elect this option must apply for a health savings account through Chase bank in order to be eligible to receive Town contributions to their HSA. Employees can also contribute money on a pretax basis to help offset the high plan deductible or for use for medical care in future years. Changes in employee contributions can be made during the year by contacting HR. 

The Town of Marana is cmitted to providing employees with medical benefit choices that fit the needs of our employees and their dependents. There is a direct connection between how you use your coverage and how much you pay for services out of your pocket. You can call Cigna to get additional information on how to use your benefits at (800)244-6224 and get information on in-network benefits or search for an in-network physician or facility by visiting Register using the “Login to My Cigna” tab on the top of the screen.  Additional information regarding the HD/HSA plan will be available on the Benefits intranet site.  

Please review the summary of services and premium costs related to each plan as you review your coverage needs.

Summary of Benefits Coverage & Detailed Summary of Benefits

Copper Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage NEW FY 2016

Copper Plan Summary of Benefits (detailed)

Teal Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Teal Plan Summary of Benefits (detailed)

Heritage Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Heritage Plan Summary of Benefits (detailed)

Summary of Plan Descriptions

Copper Plan Summary of Plan Description

Teal Plan Summary of Plan Description

Heritage Plan Summary of Plan Description


Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy Program

Preventive Drug List

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Cigna Convenience Care Clinics


myCIGNA Mobile App

Information for Better Health
Nothing is more important than your good health. That is why the Town and Cigna provide, an online home for assessment tools, plan management, medical updates and much more. On you can:

  • Choose doctors and create a list of nearby hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Verify plan details such as coverage, copays and deductibles. 
  • Find information and estimate costs for medical procedures and treatments. 
  • Find personalized health and wellness recommendations;
  • Learn about health conditions, treatments and medications;
  • Keep track of medical conditions, medications, surgeries, immunizations and emergency contacts.

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
The CHIP notice provides contact information for Arizona's premium assistance program for anyone who is currently eligible for health coverage through their employer that may need assistance to help pay for coverage:

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) notice