The Marana Citizens' Forum has reconvened for the Spring 2019 Session. Delegates will participate in the General Plan planning process with a 3rd party consultant, Matrix, beginning on December 11th, 2018. The meetings will take place in the 2nd Floor Conference Center at the Marana Municipal Complex, located at 11555 W. Civic Center Drive, at 5:30PM, unless otherwise noted. The Spring 2019 meeting dates are listed below:

  • Orientation/Kickoff: December 11, 2018 - a facilitated discussion with Matrix regarding the process for the future General Plan and interactive workshop addressing future asset planning in the Town of Marana.

  • Town Staff Facilitated Meeting: January 24, 2019 - content TBD (follow up to December 11th kickoff meeting).

  • Town Staff Facilitated Meeting: February 7, 2019 - content TBD (follow up to December 11th kickoff meeting).

  • Town Staff Facilitated Meeting: February 21, 2019 - content TBD (follow up to December 11th kickoff meeting).

  • Town Staff Facilitated Meeting: March 7, 2019 - content TBD (follow up to December 11th kickoff meeting).

  • Presentation Construction: Week of March 11- 15, 2019 - Town Staff will work with the designated Forum Delegate to draft the Power Point presentation to Council.

  • Presentation Review: March 21, 2019 - review and active edit of the draft presentation to Council.

  • Presentation to Council: April 2, 2019 - Presentation of recommendations and experiences to Mayor and Council. (7PM, Council Chambers)

Established by Council action in 2011, the Marana Citizens' Forum is a new model for engaging residents and community partners in the Town. The Forum is comprised of up to 32 Delegates from throughout the community, including Regional Partner Representatives from the Marana Health Center, the Marana Chamber of Commerce, Northwest Fire District, and Marana Unified School District, as well as At-Large Citizen Delegates and Town Council Appointed Delegates, all of whom bring their unique viewpoints and expertise to the discussion to help develop recommendations for broad town-wide issues.


To convene Town of Marana residents, business owners, and other community partners from the greater Marana area to discuss recommendations for potential action to Town Council regarding multidisciplinary, town-wide issues in conjunction with the Town's objectives as outlined in the Strategic Plan. 


To promote active citizen engagement from Marana residents in integral town functions and issues in an effective and sustainable manner that is consistent with the Mission Statement of the Marana Citizens' Forum. 


  • Increase the number of informed and engaged citizens of the Town of Marana

  • Develop feasible action plans for recommendation to Council on important issues

  • Tie ideas and action plans to the Town’s Planning Documents (Strategic Plan, General Plan, Economic Road Map/Strategic Plan)

  • Establish and maintain a positive feedback loop between the Forum and Town Council

  • To promote civic dialogue in order to implement community action plans from Forum recommendations

  • To provide Town staff with direction on various projects based on citizen input and engagement

*Spring 2019 Delegates 

  • Angela Wagner Gabbard

  • Brad Demidio

  • Carol Godtfredsen

  • Chris DeYoung

  • Colleen Frederick (Marana Unified School District)

  • Dale Moe

  • David Hindman

  • David Nelson

  • George Kennedy

  • Ginny Huffman

  • Jack Ferguson

  • Jan Meyers

  • Jocelyn Bronson

  • John Page Burton

  • Kathy Officer



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Recent Recommendations to Council: Fall '17

*All meetings for any Session of the Marana Citizens' Forum are open to the public. Public may attend these meetings at their leisure, but are not permitted to interact or interfere with the process of collaboration of the Marana Citizens' Forum Delegates.

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