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Online Library

The online library is a repository of all past events. Click on one of the events below to learn more.

Public participation plan

Public Participation Plan - Adopted by Resolution No. 2018.089 on September 18, 2018
Public Participation Plan Presentation to Town Council Public Hearing on September 18, 2018

focus groups

Interactive Presentation to Planning Commission Public Hearing on August 22, 2018
Presentation at Town Council Study Session, September 11, 2018
Interactive Presentation to Town of Marana Citizens Forum on September 20, 2018

workshop 1

Workshop Article and Invitation, September 19, 2018
Interactive Presentation Night 1, October 3, 2018
Interactive Presentation Night 2, October 4, 2018
Workshop 1 Polling Results, October 19, 2018
Workshop 1 Summary, October 25, 2018

Advisory Committee

Meeting 1 Agenda, November 14, 2018
Meeting 1 Presentation, November 14, 2018


Workshop Article and Invitation, November 28, 2018
Workshop 2 Summary, January 15, 2019


Workshop Article and Invitation, January 11, 2019


Maps & Documents

All project maps and documents are stored here for review and reference. Click a link below to begin exploring!

General Plan Elements (August 2018)
Fact Sheet (September 2018)
Project Schedule (August 2018)
Project Schedule (October 2018)
Public Participation Plan adopted by Resolution No. 2018.089 on September 18, 2018


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