Your Input is Needed! We will be looking to the community to provide input and build consensus as the General Plan update is developed. Your involvement will help create a community-based General Plan that best reflects what makes Marana a great place to live, work, and play.


Community Workshops & Open Houses

Community Workshops and Open House Events will be held during the General Plan update.  Check back often for upcoming dates, times and location.

Did you miss our workshops? Review the summaries from workshop 1, workshop 2 and workshop 3.


Other Meetings and Community Events

There will be many other ways to participate throughout the process including, Advisory Committee meetings, Planning Commission meetings and Town Council meetings. These meetings will be posted here as well through regular meeting noticing procedures.

As the project progresses, outreach will be conducted through the many regularly scheduled community events throughout the year. Check back here often for event dates, times and location.


Map Atlas

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The Map Atlas establishes the current planning context as the foundation for the Make Marana 2040 General Plan development. It describes the community as it was in 2016 and is designed to give a snapshot of existing conditions in a concise and graphical format. Each topical discussion is supplemented with quick facts, tables, figures, and maps for easy reference.


Public Participation Plan

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One of the most important aspects of a General Plan is community engagement. Through a coordinated public outreach effort, community engagement will help create a community-based plan that builds consensus and obtains buy-in and support for implementation efforts.

The outreach effort will be guided by this Public Participation Plan.  This Public Participation Plan details the project’s planned public engagement throughout the process.

Adopted by Resolution No. 2018.089 on September 18, 2018